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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/3 -2012 20:20:12 Ended: 27/3 -2012 01:52:30Flashes: 1 Posts: 6
File[JiggyOtome.swf] - (1.21 MB) [_] [L] <3 PinkSteel 03/26/12(Mon)13:10 No.1643474 Everyday is Pink day !
Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:01 No.1643482 sauce?
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)14:26 No.1643483
Please kind anons, I would really love to have the source of the anime. If I ever see you IRL I will give you a hand shake AND a h
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:11 No.1643496
My image search brought up My-Otome. It is a large franchise but it might be My-Otome Zwei
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)15:32 No.1643507 the 2nd one
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/12(Mon)18:49 No.1643593
What is this show because from my image search its not "My-Otome Zwei".

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 19/2 -2012 16:35:53 Ended: 21/2 -2012 07:08:56Flashes: 1 Posts: 8
File[JiggyOtome.swf] - (1.21 MB) [_] [H] TITS + /r/ inside Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)10:32 No.1622037
Yo! A few days ago I found an Idolm@ster flashloop from the game, featuring all characters saying the same line (something about k
If any of you dear Anonyms can post/redirect me to I would be grateful...I already posted TITTENS!!!
p.s.: if anyone can put this flash up to z0r I would be even more grateful. Word.
Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)11:11 No.1622045 Bump
>> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)11:19 No.1622048 Took me a few minutes but I did find this. jE I believe it is what you are looking for.
>> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)11:20 No.1622049 >>1622048 AbsoFuckinglutely!!!!! Thank you Anon!!!!
>> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)11:32 No.1622051 sauce >> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)12:54 No.1622076
correct me f I'm mistake, but the characters on the flash are from Idolm@ster
>> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)15:26 No.1622126 this is from mai hime otome if im not mistaken
>> [_] Anonymous 02/19/12(Sun)18:57 No.1622209 sauce plaese

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/3 -2009 20:40:05 Ended: 27/3 -2009 03:12:04Flashes: 1 Posts: 7
File :[JiggyOtome.swf] - (1.21 MB) [_] [L] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)14:09 No.934182
Sharing my Fap Fap Fap Fap with /f/ (my first flash...last one too)
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)14:18 No.934190 /r anime?
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)14:31 No.934196 >>934190 seconding /r/
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)14:36 No.934197
>>934190 Mai-Otome Zwei (episdoe 3 of 4) Happy fappin' Y'all :D
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)15:02 No.934216 Why in the hell does the black woman have pink nipples...
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)15:20 No.934225 I think she's just really tan possibly, and not black.
>> [_] Anonymous 03/26/09(Thu)15:49 No.934241 I saw cups. :D

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