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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 3/10 -2015 17:39:58 Ended: 17/12 -2015 03:15:40Flashes: 1 Posts: 33
/ > /fap/ > Thread 7904 Age: 67.39d Health: 0% Posters: 26 Posts: 33 Replies: 31 Files: 1+2
>> Anon 24156 First Option -> Second Option [IMG] hanamaru00.swf (3.49 MiB) 400x400, Uncompressed. 1665 frames, 100 fps (00:17). Ver8, AS1/AS2. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 24167 inb4 normalfag or ausfag complains
>> Anon 24171 We need more exotic-condenser in our lives.
>> Anon 24173 >># Agreed.
>> Anon 24174 Hey, I'll be a normalfag over being a fucking pedo any day.
>> Anon 24175 >># With same logic, you are a killer if you play FPS. :3
>> Anon 24176 >># You have a problem when you enjoy looking at a drawn character depicting a toddler in a sexual situation.
>> Anon 24185 >># >You have a problem when you enjoy killing a virtual character with a mace. Jack Thompson, pls leave.
>> Anon 24211 Hey, I mean, if you guys feel better when you deny you're messed up in the head. More power to you. Just don't go searching for actual child porn. You're still fucked up though.
>> Anon 24213 >># Thank you for the advice, Officer. Maybe you should spend considerably less time being a QWERTY-warrior and more time donating whole paychecks to anti-child abuse organizations?
>> Anon 24216 >># Anon,the fuck are you talking about? Such deeds require ACTIONS! We can't just go and do things in real life! We are only good enough to shitpost on a porn-related board so we'd look slightly better in our own eyes! ------ I think that this flash had 2 scenes,didn't it? I kinda seen it a long time ago. Nice thing
>> Anon 24231 >inb4 shitstorm
>> Anon 24235 All videogames encourage murders and directly link to mass school shootings, the same is true of all depictions of sex leading to child rape, if we don't ban them all how will humanity survive?
>> Anon 24240 >># I ain't sure if you're a troll or an idiot. :C
>> Anon 24248 >># He's a not a troll but you are an idiot. His comment is fucking dripping with sarcasm!
>> Lynda 24260 Please think of the children! Seek help your perverts. This would have killed these poor girl.
>> Arnold 24341 Fucked my own daughter like this once.
>> Anon 24351 >># It's a fetish. Also an animation. Plus, none of us are acting like we're normal, just making fun of people like you.
>> Anon 25183 >># Lady, you don't have to tell the pedos to think of the children. They're always thinking about the children.
>> Anon 25186 "It's just a fetish" "I like looking at child porn, it's not that bad! Just a fetish!" Retards, the lot of you.
>> Anon 25197 >># Great, another holy crusader from the order of hypocrites. You are free to leave. (and as I've pointed out before, go spend your money on things that will help victims of child abuse) It's still just an animation, no matter how much you bitch, piss, moan and cry about it. No one was hurt, ergo you can't save anyone here.
>> Anon 25207 >># As long as you don't actually harm another human being anything is fine on this Earth. If you disagree you are a thought police, in which case you better check yourself for anything that other people might disagree with.
>> Anon 25208 Won't somebody please think of the drawn children? What if you had a drawing of a child and it got raped, how would you feel then?
>> Anon 25209 Won't someone please think of the drawings of children? What if you had a drawing and it got raped like this, wouldn't you want everyone out there who watched your drawing about rape to go to jail?
>> Anon 25211 >># Comparing drawn porn to real porn is like games to real life. I play fps games. That doesn't make me a murderer. I fap to loli. That doesn't make me a child rapist either. That's actually the most important part that people seem to miss on purpose: Even when someone is a pedophile (actually a pedophile, not a lolicon) that doesn't mean they are also a rapist. Sounds weird? Do you simply rape a Woman you find attractive? And they don't choose to be like that either. Just like beeing gay or not isn't a choice. Hell, I bet when people come across an actual (child) rape these damn hypocrites wouldn't do shit while most of these evil evil lolicons would beat the living crap out of the rapist. >># Exactly.
>> Anon 25217 >># You post gay comments, does this not make you a faggot?
>> Anon 25220 >># *yawn* forced attempt of a witty comment. You are trying way too hard, man.
>> Anon 25221 >># Are we roleplaying now? *raises paw*
>> Anon 25223 >># what?
>> Anon 25235 >># *teleports behind you*
>> Anon 25241 >># oh... now I get it... *facepalm*
>> Anon 25264 >># Top kek.
>> Stefan Löfven 25269 Snack time.
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