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[_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)21:36:25 No.3340393

>> [_] Procyonidae 06/08/18(Fri)21:47:06 No.3340396


>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)06:58:20 No.3340457

  Ah, they give that gum out to the Virginia National Guard, don't they?

>> [_] Procyonidae 06/09/18(Sat)07:00:16 No.3340458

  They fuck a lot of cats, then?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)07:09:34 No.3340461

  maybe 1 one more would have done it

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)09:09:43 No.3340468

  Shit Takashi, that's not gum, it's LSD!

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)10:59:05 No.3340479

  I love how Jap men always run away from hot babes whenever they encounter them. Like wtf dude
  these bitches are all up in yo ass just fuckin go for it, goddamn. Every single jap anime has the
  main character flip shit whenever he gets in a sexy situation "AAHAFJKGJDFIFJDKKFFJDL uhhh I have
  to go!!!" *nose bleeds profusely and face turns red*

  It's getting old now. Not fun anymore.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)13:08:13 No.3340493

  Better version

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)13:19:34 No.3340496

  maybe you should go among people from time to time and maybe cut the amount of anime you're
  consuming as well because literally nobody does that outside of your monitor

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)13:40:12 No.3340499

  Reading comprehension, smartass.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/09/18(Sat)14:56:50 No.3340508

  well, that's the joke baka
  that no real men are like this
  least of all japanese men

  if you're not trolling: it's about their stuck up morale that they enfore upon people through
  community, so males acting according to how they are actually meant to behave is funny to those
  who only do it because they are forced to but are secretly morally as corrupt as all human beans
  when it comes to sex
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