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/ > /fap/ > Thread 11982 Age: 111.51d Health: 0% Posters: 23 Posts: 30 Replies: 25 Files: 1+3
>> Anon 53507 Minus8 stuff no idea how this works [IMG] ghost.swf (21.19 MiB) 1280x720, Compressed. 1 frame, 60 fps (00:00). Ver15, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Audio: Video: <METADATA> [find in archive]
>> shingo 53508 Nice and fun, dance, just shut your mouths and dance!
>> Anon 53509 -8 is a god
>> Anon 53510 VERY nice, way above expectations >red ghost in that almost-lisa-simpson dress with smug facial expression ghhhnnn my dick
>> Anon 53511 that lingerie on pinky mmm 100% waifu material :9
>> Anon 53512 It feels like he's trying to make another shygirl situation happen and im ok with that
>> Anon 53513 I can't figure out why this is over 20 MiB though, at first I thought the background might be a video but looks like it's not after decompiling the thing? Audio is a 128 Kbps MP3 so I don't understand where the file size is coming from. Hm, unless maybe the different girl parts are built up from sprites but right-clicking and zooming in doesn't reveal any pixels so it looks like vectors, unless they are extremely high resolution? The flash is compressed so if everything are vectors they should compress well, I'm a bit lost to be honest. Anybody got an idea?
>> Nanonymous 53516 Why there's no full nudity
>> Anon 53517 Been waiting for this since I saw the stream
>> Anon 53521 Why is this on /fap/?
>> Anon 53522 Minus8's shit is always stupid loop bullshit, where's the climax? Where's the fucking love?
>> Anon 53523 i really wish there was one more loop that came with nudity, but this is pretty god damn cute as is. always love -8s music loops.
>> Anon 53524 does -8 have a new tumblr or anything like that yet? i miss having a place where i could see his art and in progress stuff
>> Anon 53529 Damn that cherry!
>> Anon 53530 I'll never understand why he goes the music video route, but whatever makes him happy, I guess. I know I'll never like these.
>> Anon 53531 Uploading the non-cherry version, if anyone cares
>> Anon 53533 Is there any swf player that allows me to go to specific time of flash with a control bar?
>> Anon 53536 >># the one on this site does, -8 just makes it impossible to skip forward
>> Anon 53537 >># because the animation is literally 1.5 million separate "move object to location X"
>> Anon 53539 >># Same, it wouldn't even count as porn if it wasn't for the one covered pussy shot
>> Anon 53540 >># thicc hips to jerk it to. >># The love is there, but it doesn't need a climax. A lot of his stuff is based on rhythm, so it'd be good to loop. Besides, there doesn't need to be a climax, it's just a dance party.
>> Anon 53542 >># Where does he stream, anyway? Got a link?
>> Anon 53546 >># I guess that's the only explanation, short tweens. They compress well but if it really is super many of them it adds up. If I uncompress the flash it becomes 30.34 MB.
>> Anon 53547 >># We care, thanks man! I was wondering if it would turn up eventually.
>> Anon 53548 soo if you go in a flash decompiler , you can remove the cherry ;3
>> Anon 53550 can some god plzz find out how to make them nude ?
>> Anon 53563 So where is he posting his shit these days? He changes tumblr every month it seems.
>> Anon 53564 >># >More of minusB8's faggot dance animations with no delivery When's that autistic gook going to get over this amv kick he's on and get back to things people actually want to see.
>> Anon 53861 >># anon can we have the fla. ?
>> Anon 53956 THIS IS GOLD
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