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[ZIS2HC8]F !
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>> Anon 55593 testing [IMG] 動くECM5[6].swf (37.83 MiB) 1024x768, Compressed. 1 frame, 30 fps (00:00). Ver36, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 55594 Doesn't work. This is the ECM5 flash extracted from the .exe, can any meme master versed in decompiling tweak this so it works?
>> Anon 55596 if there are more than 1 swf file baked in the exe (or outside it too i suppose) it probably wont work because it loads several swf files. ive always wondered if its possible to combine some of those swfs automatically...
>> Anon 55598 Got it to play thru the decompiler. Not worth your time. Loli shit with heavy censoring.
>> Anon 55600 >># This is the only important swf, the rest are tiny scripts and images relating to full screen and flash container options. >># >dissing zankuro wew
>> Anon 55612 >># Loli is the shit, you mean. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Censoring sucks but nothing new about that. >># Perhaps the best animation MovieClips can be extracted as individual swfs? Won't be the whole game but at least the core content would be available for people.
>> mr. meeseeks 56865 i have no fucking clue if this is broken or not — im only getting the blowjob scene
>> mr. meeseeks 56866 also would it be too much to ask if someone gave me a translation of the Information section? im intrigued on how this thing works on the off chance OP somehow dumps the entire fuctioning game on the site
>> Anon 56883 >># right click
>> Anon 56885 >># Patching out the errant fscommand calls was done a while back. file.html
>> Anon 56890 >Audio: Yes >It's only BGM
>> Anon 56900 >># >Perhaps the best animation MovieClips can be extracted as individual swfs? This is at least how it's been done with past ECMs. >># >automatically I suppose not, it would need some specific coding. If anyone would be able to create a program that does so, it would DEFINITELY be a market niche!
>> Anon 56905 >># OP's seems to work when not embedded in a page, what's the difference on this one?
>> Anon 56906 >># Combining SWFs and including code on the top level is possible, would require embedding SWFs as byte arrays and loading in the normal way. >># As stated, patched out errant calls. The calls exist in the dumped SWF. This normally doesn't happen but in the case of stuff like a "Close" button, that doesn't exist in the usual AS3 capabilities, fscommand provides a layer of functionality that does stuff you wouldn't normally trust flash to do. Though this was a long time ago, I probably did more than that. Dump out the scripts from both SWFs using a decompiler of your choice and diff them. That'll show you more specifics.
>> Anon 56936 it works, just wait untill it start, in the meantime watch some video
>> ???? ???? 56964 >># >># >># We're getting into some real "Bill Nye the Science Guy" stuff over here
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