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>> GlaurungDoom 57959 Peridot reverse anal This is my first animation. Plain color, no shading. Source: 77#search=anythinggoes [IMG] Peridot-reverse.swf (107.9 KiB) 772x990, Compressed. 36 frames, 9.5 fps (00:04). Ver15, AS1/AS2. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Video: <METADATA> [find in archive]
>> Anon 57961 >># Is that it? Just five frames?
>> Anon 57962 not bad, keep it up man! >># it's just his first try. it's not bad. many people dont even know how to make a start button for their first flash
>> GlaurungDoom 57965 >># The original from the source has only 5 frames. Depending on time, maybe i can update this adding new sprite or sound.
>> Anon 57970 >># for practice try adding 1 new keyframe between each existing keyframe. it'll look a lot smoother and you'll learn how to visualize and draw from interpolated angles.
>> GlaurungDoom 57971 >># Because are very few frames I was debating on what framerate to use between 9.5fps and 10fps, and used the first one. Like i said, maybe i can update this. Thanks for the tip
>> Anon 57982 i wouldn't call this Your animation, just colored by you.
>> Anon 57990 >># Isn't just a coloring work, meanwhile the original was a gif file, this is vector based animation. Credits to the original work is inside the thread and the file itself. No steal intended as other "artist" who make money from others work.
>> Notyourwork. 58420 Wow what a shit. So you color bucket anythinggoes's work and call it yours? Man.. what a shithead.
>> Anon 58439 >># Jeez man, it still takes hours of work. When someone says "my animation" I wouldn't even imply that he made the gif source himself. Shitheads should stop thinking that anyone makes anything from scratch these days. I mean, if he did he would probably boast all about it.
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