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Touching FLASH Assault on Mikasa Hack.swf
30,8 MiB, 00:10 | [W] [I]

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 29/4 -2018 06:05:24 Ended: 25/6 -2018 06:19:49Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
/ > /fap/ > Thread 13171 Age: 50.01d Health: 0% Posters: 1 Posts: 2 Replies: 0 Files: 1+2
>> Anon 59256 [IMG] Touching FLASH Assault on Mikasa Hack.swf (30.8 MiB) 835x600, Uncompressed. 147 frames, 15 fps (00:10). Ver12, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 59257 Simple changes: All items in the store cost 1, er, unit of currency and every new day gives 125 level up points instead of 3. The basic game design is you molest for points, use points to buy better junk, then rinse and repeat but it seemed SUPER grindy yo get anywhere. Also note, your cumulitive score unlocks bonus scenes (or you can use the passcode: ホントマジチョウメッチャアリガトウ!). Make sure to turn the sound effects on; they start off for some reason. The girl appears to be someone from Attack on Titan, from what I was seeing in the code. There's also some sprites and images not present in the game; this may be an incomplete version.
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