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Angelauxes Mabel Pines.swf
12,45 MiB, 00:09 | [W] [I]

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[Z0N4P9C]F !
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>> Anon 81904 [IMG] Angelauxes Mabel Pines.swf (12.45 MiB) 1282x800, Uncompressed. 201 frames, 23 fps (00:09). Ver34, AS3. Network access: Text: Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: [find in archive]
>> Anon 81905 nice
>> Anon 81907 I've never seen Gravity Falls (or Star vs the Forces of Evil which appears to be on a similar tier) but it seems like decent shows that doesn't shove SJW messages down kid's throats. Except "women are stronk" maybe.
>> Anon 81912 >># Gravity falls its actually good with zero woke propaganda (as far I can remember). I can't say anything about SvsTFE, never watched it.
>> Anon 81927 Gravity Falls has a bunch of cryptography shit in it to figure out too. Pretty cool.
>> Anon 81932 >># SVTFOE doesn't shove any ideals, messages, etc., or if it does it's extremely subtle to the point that I missed them completely. Only problem I had with it was the rushed-feeling ending, but that seems to be an issue with most multi-season cartoons of moderate or better quality over the last decade. It's worth giving a shot if you like beanmouth cartoons. As to Gravity Falls, I just hit mid-season 2 for the first time with no spoilers. Also very worth a watch.
>> Anon 81936 This artist is fucking atrocious and I wish he didn't produce swf content when it's not even vectorized.
>> Anon 81939 >># Don't lie niggerlover.
>> Anon 81967 >># You can us all a favour by fucking off if you don't like it lol
>> Anon 81968 >># Don't like it, Don't watch it. Simple
>> Anon 81971 Spaniards sure love their mudshit cocks
>> Anon 81985 >># You love to see it
>> Anon 81987 >># Silence nigger
>> Anon 81990 >># Truth hurts, eh?
>> Anon 81991 There are a couple controls on the numpad similar to their other works. Not sure about what number does what though.
>> Anon 81992 >># 1 is regular thrust, 2 is single spurt, 3 is double spurt Up and down arrow keys speed up and slow down the animation
>> Anon 82006 >># this what an assload of crap
>> Anon 82643 >># They shoved gay shit in the background of some episode, I remember there was boys kissing boys and girls kissing girls in the background of some episodes, say what you want about gay people, but the fact that they're kids is unsettling and gross to say the least...
>> Anon 82644 >># Star vs the Forces of Evil, not Gravity falls, Gravity Falls is the shit.
>> Anon 82651 >># >># >># >don't like turdskins? >heh, I guess you like turdskins I don't understand Amerisharts sometimes.
>> Anon 82655 >># Are you saying that to hide your own latent nigrophilia, anon?
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