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Dumping_ my_ shit_ here--726


 Dumper's Collection
Daisy_Dog.swf42.3 KiB
Daisy and Dog Anal
Turned legoman sketch into animation.
Daisy and Dog Anal 30fps
Slower version as requested.
Hinata.swf20.6 KiB
Hinata Anal
Legoman's Hinata sketch this time.
Hinata Anal 45fps
Slightly faster version for those who want it.
Girl+Wolf.swf32.7 KiB
Girl and Wolf Doggystyle
Original image(s) by Delacroix_Legion.
Vault Meat Anal
Original art by Shadman.
Tifa_Red.swf119.6 KiB
Tifa and Red Handjob
Tifa & Red XIII Original artwork by n0nd3scr1pt. Cumshot taken from Zone.
Betilla and Rayman Fuck
Traced/referenced/inspired by a bunch of stuff. Actually coloured this one. No shading though.
Betilla and Rayman Fuck v2
Because I knew you niggers would complain about it.

(the bulge)
Peach and Bowser Anal
Various artwork traced from theycallhimcake, dark gargo, official art and my own.
Sounds: official
Music/Remix: NoteBlock
Somewhat inspired by -8
Peach and Bowser Anal v2
(Refined) I lied, I wasn't done with it. Improved animation/camera/sounds. AS3 is a bitch. I'm truly done this time. Sorry for double spam.
Irelia Anal
People asked for cum. I give cum. Lots and lots of cum. Unlimited cum. Original art by Afrobull.
Tifa_Red2.swf342.3 KiB
Tifa and Red Titfuck
I once turned one of n0nd3scr1pt's comics into an animation. Now I decided to make my own animation in his style because I liked it so much. Too bad he seems to have rage quit the internet. The RedXIII was traced from artwork by doctor proxy though. There's 2 different endings depending on what Tifa's doing.
Samus and LittleMac Blowjob
Before you crucify me, little mac is not black.
Various art taken from Jadf, theycallhimcake and my own.
Irelia Blowjob
I turned another one of Afrobull's works into an animation.
Tharja.swf288.3 KiB
Tharja Anal Loop
Animated another legoman sketch. Voices from the official source. Sound effects from zone.
Tifa_Red3.swf201.2 KiB
Tifa and Red Reverse Cowgirl
Original art by malkiorx. "Less extreme" than the original.
Eg. tummy inflation and boobs are smaller.






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