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Happy midsummer's day!

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The_ Clean_ Corner--901


Walkthrough of this point-and-click adventure.
This guy is under attack and will announce it.
A little animation on Net Neutrality.
Link tries out his new power bracelets.
Sounds and music from three zelda games (click the ocarina for selection screen).
Sketch show from a video game store in the future.
Going to E3.
The guys travel to Japan.
christmas.swf1.52 MiB
A Messy Christmas.
Enjoying the magnificent ocean view.
Playing the latest Meet 'n' Fuck game.
Battling the coffee monster.
Guy singing in a jolly fashion about his desire to reunite with his loved one.
Don't you hate it when gay heptagons come on to you?
Nobody likes a lefty.
Volare means "to fly" in Italian. The real song title is "Nel blu dipinto di blu" (In the Sky, Painted Blue) and the version in this flash is by Gipsy Kings.
Beautiful animation and story from 2007. This original version of the flash was domain-locked and could only be watched by skipping some frames in the timeline by using a seekbar. In 2015 someone finally removed the domain-lock and here is that version.
flashisdea d.swf3.26 MiB  +++
Homestar Runner on how HTML5 is taking purpose away from flash.






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You're like a butterfly, flapping its wings...
AHNOLD.swf8.58 MiB
Pumping is like cumming.
Buying a new computer? Watch this first so you know all the facts.
You could have this much fun too. Games aren't even needed.
Next level swordfighting.
FUCK! No cheese at home!? Just kidding, no problem!
Land shark hunting duckling on his trusty steed.
Time well spent learning this.
Real footage from a real war.
IRL instagib team deathmatch go!
REICH.swf6.17 MiB
Heil be there for you.
There may be many moons and many stars but there's only one moonstar.
Ariel wants to be tapped.
Knock, knock.
He makes it look easy.






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