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[_] Lolicatgirls. No, really. Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)17:53 No.1750154

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)17:58 No.1750157

  what the fuck

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)18:18 No.1750169

  i watched the whole thing.

>> [_] Raguspan 08/23/12(Thu)18:27 No.1750177

  Why is the music so damn catchy?
  Have you seen the "Come My Minions" video before? This is what it's based off of.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)18:36 No.1750179

  So it's Thriller, but with kids?

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)19:07 No.1750198

  a classic

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)19:11 No.1750203

  One of my alltime favorites.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)19:37 No.1750221

  Man I remember watching this shit so long ago... still cannot find the name of the song.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)19:38 No.1750223

  First the end trouble You studied many
  Even tomorrow will make efforts
  Day sets and the time of the under school
  Stepping on the shadow that grew I will come back cheerfully
  However, I wait a little bit I see the surroundings Is not it strange something?
  The thing that attached to the head be what?
  The thing that protruded prettily be what?
  Be careful! fellows are coming to there
  Escape early! fellows are next to you
  Do it! Attach the ear of a cat!
  Do it! Attach the ear of a cat!
  Raise both hands! (highly toward the sky)
  Raise both hands! (More highly toward the sky)

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)21:35 No.1750275

  protip: actual title is "Funky Cat Maybe" (read the katakana)

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)21:38 No.1750279

  Someone post the COME MY MINIONS version.

>> [_] Anonymous 08/23/12(Thu)21:43 No.1750284

  Her eyes are bigger than her face
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