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Ended:9/9 -2013 08:26:28

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File: attack on home run derby.swf-(9.76 MB, 640x360, Other)
[_] Anonymous 09/08/13(Sun)23:41 No.2105851

>> [_] Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)00:06 No.2105872

  this is what I hate

  this is what I truly hate

  Why in the everloving worldly fuck did the creator of this abortion not have the decency to at
  least use SOME audio from Home Run Derby? Sure, it cut in for a few seconds in the very
  beginning, but that was fucking it. It was just the damn SNK intro after that. For fuck's sake.
  The nigger shitting pig fucker could have just used the bat-baseball contact SFX to the beat of
  the song for all I gave it a shit, but there was nothing aurally creative - visually impressive,
  but that's like cutting a hand off of Picasso and saying he melts asshole

>> [_] Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)00:19 No.2105887

  If you're going to bitch so much about it like a little faggot, why not add the SFX that you
  fucking want?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)01:21 No.2105933

  you autistic goat fucking asshole, I can't go around turning dog shit into less dog shit. I don't
  have the skill to do so.

  It's not so much the fact that the person made such an egregious mistake, it's the fact that
  people actually appreciate this pig's cum. I'd give it a 60/40 split between creator and
  appreciator (respectively)

>> [_] Anonymous 09/09/13(Mon)01:24 No.2105936

  looooool this fucking thread is ridiculous hahahaha
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