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Room Escape.swf
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>> Bancho 8076 [G] Break out game If we could get a team to figure this out, that would be great [IMG] d_game.swf (23.13 MiB) 640x700, Compressed. 8 frames, 60 fps (00:00). Ver10, AS3. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: <METADATA>
>> Anon 8080 Just finished the game so feel free to ask if you get stuck anywhere. btw. this should be moved to /fap/
>> Anon 8082 how to play?
>> Anon 8098 Yes, this should be moved to /fap/
>> Anon 8099 No idea what to do after revealing the number "2" on there.
>> Anon 8100 >># You need to figure out the other 3 numbers on that note which you do by counting the squares a symbol has and multiplying that by 2.
>> Anon 8101 I'm stuck at the box with fifteen buttons on it. Can't figure out what it wants.
>> Anon 8102 >># The code for that is found under the couch. Here's a hint if you still can't figure it out: "cardinal directions" and "colors"
>> Anon 8103 So far I've gotten the note under the sofa and the pink ball, and I have absolutely no idea what to do now. Any help?
>> Anon 8110 How do I get into the bottom drawer in the hidden room? I can't seem to figure out the combination
>> Anon 8113 >># Number on the angel doll + the clock
>> Anon 8136 do you mind making a short walktrough?
>> Anon 8137 Can someone tell me what to do with these 15 button thing? the colors and cardinal directions aren't helping
>> Anon 8141 >># So it's either 8:30 or 6:40? Or maybe 20:30 and 18:40? That would make it any of... 130830, 130640, 132030, or 131840. And none of those work. : /
>> Anon 8142 dat 15 button thing? What is even the input form Blue + Red?
>> Anon 8149 >># It's 133040 >># red + blue = "P"urple btw. just figured out that you can decide not to open the capsule with the eraser inside to get an additional sex toy in the h scenes at the end
>> Anon 8153 Just tell us the friggin 15 button thing already.
>> Anon 8156 this is fucking imposible
>> Anon 8158 okay, so i managed to get to her room and the best i can do is play with her tits i suppose i need something more done first what about opening that bear toy? or 'S' symbol under the toilet seat?
>> Anon 8159 What is the code to the nine digit red box?
>> Anon 8160 she'S lying ont he bed and i got a bunch of items, I was able to open one, seem to need battery, stuck at this point, can play with tits but she seem not happy
>> Anon 8161 >># the first one? 8260 if i remember correctly >># get the screwdriver from secret room (between fridge and wall) use screwdriver on the bear toy, acquire batteries and put them in. No idea what to do with that item though also updating, i'm >># I had to resize the window during the scenes because there's apparently a "MENU" button it top left corner which i couldn't see originally After you come inside her you can grab a key from her hand and use it on the keyhole in that corridor Drawer near the door opens, showing you two terminals (the red box one and the toilet one) and a reflected "2011" benath it Any idea what to do next?
>> Anon 8162 >># *6280 is what i meant
>> Anon 8163 >># here, again managed to beat it i guess, that last puzzle is just the result of substracting the second code from the first that gives 3733. 3733 is the password that lets you get straight to the business from main menu, and that toy you put batteries into is a fast mode for the second scene where you tease her vajayjay Is there any way to open the last door or is it the end?
>> Anon 8164 I'm confused how you guys even get so far, I've only gotten the paper, the cup, the ball, and the gas for the burner. Little guidance?
>> Anon 8165 >># open the ball insert the gas into the burner
>> Anon 8166 >># Don't open the ball.
>> Anon 8167 >># why exactly? It gets you the eraser Is there some secret related to it?
>> Anon 8169 >># You can use it later as a sex toy.
>> Anon 8170 >># entering the code gives you the ball too and using it early really helps you figure the first code out
>> Anon 8172 WALKTHROUGH ( INCOMPLETE ) If you don't want to spend time doing the puzzles, then before starting the game, use the code 3733 to go straight to the sex scenes. If you DO plan on doing the puzzles, and looking around, then continue reading. When you start, you are facing the North side of the room. To your left is the West side, and to the right is the East side. 1. Turn to the West side. Click on under the table to grab the gas. Put the gas in the burner, and turn it on. 2. Grab the cup. Click on the vase to zoom in on it. Drag the cup from your menu to the vase to fill it up. 3. Turn to the East side. You should see a large lock box, and a black vase(?) on your screen. Click to zoom in on the vase. Click again, and you'll find that there's a pink ball in there. Drag the cup that we filled with water earlier into the vase, which should fill it up half way. Repeat step #2 and fill up the rest of the vase with more water. This should give you the pink ball. 4. Turn to the North side. Zoom UNDER the couch to find the answer key to the next puzzle after this. After that, zoom in on couch, and then zoom in on the image with the symbols. If you open up the pink ball, it'll reveal an eraser, which you can use to eraser the block under the second symbol. This will give you the number 2 which you can use to help you solve the puzzle. ( If you don't open up the pink ball, you can use it as a sex toy later on in the game ). To solve this puzzle, count the number of boxes with the number 2. Use that combination to open up the 9 Digit box that's on the couch. ( ANSWER: 6280 ) 5. Now that you have the code, open up the 9 Digit box. Inside the box is an image which will reveal that there's a light switch to the right of the door on the South side. Turn to the South side, and click on the right side of the door. Zoom in, and click on the wall, which will reveal the light switch. Go ahead and turn off the lights. If you haven't already, go ahead and turn on the burner. Notice that the there are coloured lights in the boxes. ( W = Y E = Blue N = Red. No lights on S ) 7. Turn to the North side. Zoom in on the lamp, and you'll be able to notice and grab the key now that the lights are off. Use that key to open up the box on the East side. The answer to this puzzle can be found using the paper we found under the couch on the North side. ( ANSWER: E + N = Blue + Red = 'P'urple. Depress the buttons on the 15 digit box so that it looks like a P. All left side buttons pushed down. Top, and third row from the top are all depressed, and last button on the second row is depressed. ) 8. Now you have your code, exit the room using the door on the South side. You cannot exit the apartment yet. Grab the flower and vase before proceeding to the door on the right. Have a chat with the girl, and then return to the room that you originally started in. 9. Turn to the West side, and notice the paper that's falling off on the wall to the left side of the table. Click on it to reveal the hidden room. Enter the hidden room. 10. Click on the table, and grab everything on the table. Click on the trash bin to find the answer to the keypad puzzle in the bathroom. 11. Click on the fridge and you can grab everything in that screen. Before turning to the next area, click on the crevice between the stand that the fridge is on, and the wall. You can see a screw driver here, and the letter M. 12. Go to the next area which is the bathroom. The combination for the keypad can be found using the paper ( ANSWER: 2547 ). The letter S can be found by lifting up the toilet seats. You can fill up your cup with water using the sink before you leave. 13. After exiting the bathroom, click on the cabinet. Click on the bear to zoom in on it, and click on it again to turn it around. Use the screw driver to pop off the lid, and grab the batteries which can be used for the vibrator ( To put them in, open up the vibrator from your menu, click on the vibrator after it's brought up, which should turn it around, and open it up. You should be able to put the batteries in by clicking on them from your menu ). Grab the Recorder from the top drawer. You can also inspect the panties in the second drawer, but I don't think it does anything. On the third drawer there's another combination that you'll have to find. Which you can apparently find using the Angel ( 13 ), and the clock ( 6:30 ). Not sure how exactly to combine the numbers, but the answer is ( ANSWER: 133040 ). This will give you some beads. ( OPTIONAL ) Head back into the room you started in. You can use the stuff that you found near the fridge here, although I'm not sure what purpose this serves. Pot + Cup of water + Potato stash + Wine = Mixture, which you can fill up your cup with. You can also stir it using your spoon. 14. Go back to the room with the girl, and give her the chocolates that you found in the fridge. Exit, and the come back. You'll find her lying on the bed now. Click on the box to find that the key to the exit isn't there. Now click on her, and after some dialogue start playing with her tits ( Move your mouse over them ). This should start filling up the gauge. After bringing the gauge about half way, you should be able to lift up her shirt. Do so, and continue playing with her tits until the gauge maxes out. 15. Now rub her vagina through her panties. I find that a circular motion seems to work best. This scene works the same as the previous one. After maxing out the gauge, it should allow you to proceed to the next scene. 16. Again you'll have to play with her vagina to fill up the gauge. You can use the vibrator here instead of having to move around you mouse. 17. After completing that scene, you should be able to insert your p0n0s into her vag000. Go ahead and do so. Not sure what the symbols under the top left menu are for, but I believe the symbols on the left under the top left menu are whether or not you want to come inside or outside. Default should be come inside IIRC, which is what you'll want to do to get the key after making her come ( She'll open up her left hand, which is holding the key ). There are two more scenes which allow you to use the items you picked up on her pussy or ass. 18. After having your way with her, leave the room, and use the key on the door. This will not open the door. How ever, it'll open up the cabinet on the left, which will give you another puzzle. Which is the subtract the second code from the first. You can use this code at the beginning of the game to go straight to the sex scenes. ( ANSWER: 3733 )
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