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[_] Sugar Soated Skirmish Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:30 No.2401937

  Anyone have Sauce on this anime?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:34 No.2401939

  bumpin want too know too

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:44 No.2401948

  anime : oniai

>> [_] mm baby Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:48 No.2401951

  thanks anon

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:53 No.2401955

  Whats with all the Reverse Rape Harem Animu's From Moonland, do the Japs not get any or
  something? not quite sure what the Fantasy is.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)04:55 No.2401959

  If you had the patience to watch the swf you uploaded yourself you'd know it shows it at the end.

>> [_] here Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)05:04 No.2401968

  didnt watch past the middle. just listened.
  But either way, thanks to the anon that told us.
  A link for the lazy

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)05:19 No.2401973

  >streaming anime
  absolutely disgusting.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)05:42 No.2401985

  If you have an alternate method, i would use it. The torrent i found had no subtitles and i only
  speak English.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)05:47 No.2401987

  What awful torrent site do you use if you can't find it with English subs? I found several
  batches with subs in about a minute easily.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)05:50 No.2401989

  i spent about 30 seconds and searched "onii chan dakedo tpb".
  Its 4 am so i gave up and streamed it.
  i have been up for almost 24 hours working a 16 hour shift. you would give up 30 seconds in too.

>> [_] friendly-neighbourhood-rapeman 06/01/14(Sun)07:25 No.2402040

  >not using bakabt, kickass or any other respectable torrent site
  tpb never has any good anime and when it does it has like 2 seeds

  with you bro, i only ever streamed one episode of anime because the first episode had 0 seeds on
  every torrent site

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)07:56 No.2402050

  Kinda, yeah. From what I understand, the Japanese birthrate is declining so much that once the
  current generation reaches the an age that necessitates an adult care facility, there won't be
  enough Japs alive to look after them.

  So you can look at the harem / reverse harem anime as a type of psychological conditioning from
  the government to go out and get laid, and make some babies.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)08:06 No.2402056

  This is in turn good news for young people that are inclined to live within that country for
  reasons such as business or work (yes there is a difference).

  However that being said, outside of the low crime rate and obvious ridicule from the locals I
  don't know if I'd be happy living in moon land.

>> [_] Jake from Statefarm 06/01/14(Sun)08:41 No.2402070

  fucking this

>> [_] Defalt 06/01/14(Sun)09:59 No.2402111

  this video made me think..

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)10:11 No.2402123


  Still doesn't help, because women will only have babies with the most attractive 10% of the male
  population, resulting in inbreeding and shorter life spans for their children.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/01/14(Sun)10:42 No.2402139

  This post is dripping with either sarcasm or lack of confidence.
  Not even my mother considers me physically attractive, yet I've had several relationships and
  just last week had someone asking for my relationship status through FB.
  Anyone who values you solely through appearance, be they male or female, isn't really worth
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