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This is resource HSZA6PI, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:12/11 -2014 17:20:45

Ended:12/11 -2014 21:05:04

Checked:12/11 -2014 22:01:03

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File: Fry.Dance.40x.swf-(8.99 MB, 720x572, Loop)
[_] Requesting mario & sonic flash Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)11:17 No.2596129

  Does anyone have the flash of Mario and Sonic fighting, its like hand drawn images and the voices
  are from some anime? I tried checking swfchan and google and couldn't find it.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)11:28 No.2596135

  Is it just me or does the audio glitch out a lot?

>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)11:33 No.2596138

  it was discussed in previous threads, just check swfchan
  I think it was the browser's problem

>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)11:35 No.2596139

  Ah ok, thanks for the heads up

>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)13:28 No.2596184

  So far from what I've learned, pretty sure the threads say the same thing but it will do it on
  Chrome but not FireFox.

>> [_] !!BJiYgff8zf2 11/12/14(Wed)14:02 No.2596198

  >it will do it on Chrome but not FireFox


>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)14:15 No.2596207

  just fucking post the 38x one next time, it's almost the same, but also functional

>> [_] Anonymous 11/12/14(Wed)15:03 No.2596239


  Works fine in Chrome for me, but fucks up in Firefox.
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