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[_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:14:25 No.2810565

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:19:34 No.2810567

  Summary of every other thread with this flash:

  Nier is great, you should play it, it will make you cry for none of the reasons you expect.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:47:09 No.2810596

  Where's the youtube video of this? I want to watch it in non-shit quality

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:49:35 No.2810598

  nier is ok
  you shouldn't cry over anything in it, predictable shamalama ding dong twists or otherwise
  i mean within the first hour you have tiny shadows carrying book items running away from you
  while the big shadows step into to protect them. not rocket science.
  also the gameplay is pretty poor. they should have committed to the danmaku thing more.
  seriously, it would actually be pretty fun if you couldn't just wildly mash the attack button
  when shit hits the fan and actually be rewarded for it

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:54:34 No.2810609

  is that really true?

  they changed a dad character into a kid?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:55:49 No.2810612

  yes it is

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)01:58:36 No.2810615

  In a different game, yeah.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)02:01:08 No.2810621

  there was a bit of an insult hidden in the subtitle though, kinda spoilery

  dad mode = 'gestalt' (soul)
  bishounen mode = 'replicant'

  on another note I remember someone making an argument that it was apparent cavia had originally
  written a fair portion of the story with the boy character in mind and it shows. not that this
  does anything but further damn cavia and their choices though

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)02:08:32 No.2810631

  That game's soundtrack is amazing.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/12/15(Fri)03:44:19 No.2810721

  liked this game, first time i heard anyone else talk about it
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