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This is resource P8O0ZCX, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:16/10 -2015 09:27:39

Ended:16/10 -2015 17:58:38

Checked:16/10 -2015 18:15:36

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File: Nerdy Nummies Extended.swf-(4.19 MB, 640x360, Porn)
[_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)03:25:00 No.2928243

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)03:44:11 No.2928257

  Can't.. tell.. if.. cringe.. OR ADORABLE

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)03:45:27 No.2928258

  Definitely cringe.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)03:53:53 No.2928262

  hate this bitch

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)04:37:28 No.2928281

  I want to shove my dick in her mouth until she goes bloop bloop

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)04:45:55 No.2928286

  Either way, she's certainly enjoying herself. Can't fault her for that.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)05:36:42 No.2928307

  I would doop doop doop her.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)05:41:39 No.2928310

  i most certainly can fault her

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)06:14:36 No.2928320


>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)08:27:35 No.2928354

  i want to doopity doop her with my big blooper

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)08:33:51 No.2928357

  She's obviously putting it on so hard, her sister doesn't sound anywhere near as retarded. Why
  doesn't her sis just slap the fake-ass bitch and tell her to stop putting on such an act?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)08:40:23 No.2928360

  Does she make these videos for like kids aspiring to be cooks? Or are they actually for adults
  and she just treats everyone like babies?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)08:55:02 No.2928365

  nice virus.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)09:24:20 No.2928372

  She used to be kinda cute back when she was still rooming with Dodger. Then years past and I cant
  believe it's not Butter

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)10:19:57 No.2928392

  >I cant believe it's not butter
  i fucking lold

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)10:32:41 No.2928396

  she's not awful when she's just talking normally and not doing the 'cute' sound effects or
  retarded accent

  I guess if that disgusting pandering is working for her than whatever.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/16/15(Fri)11:56:43 No.2928436

  >no "what 3 are you picking?"

  shit flash
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