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File: Sugar Coated Skirmish.swf-(9.84 MB, 480x270, Anime)
[_] Anonymous 10/27/16(Thu)20:04:44 No.3168307

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/16(Thu)20:35:27 No.3168317

  nice desu ne

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/16(Thu)22:39:02 No.3168366

  >be me some years ago
  >loved this flash
  >have this song on my little old EEE laptop from 2009 (Little thing was great while it lasted)
  >internet gets shut down at home (fucking roommates) so go to local chicken restaurant with wifi
  to do homework and get dinner. Good food, one of my favorite places to go
  >put this song on, favorite study music
  >laptop had this stupid sound program preinstalled, if you weren't careful sound would play out
  of the headphones AND the speakers
  >song loops a couple of times while I'm waiting for my order
  >server comes, I take my headphones off
  >very loudly, volume full blast coming out of the speakers (kind of tinny but surprisingly loud):

  >W H I T E
  >B O Y
  >S O U L
  >C A L L I T
  >R O C K & R O L L

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/16(Thu)22:49:17 No.3168373

  its a catchy song what of it ?
  now if it had the moaning girls in it yea thats something to be embaressed aboot

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:06:56 No.3168400

  hasty search for the lyrics pulls up the song "I cannot think" by Outlines

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:11:58 No.3168402

  Sauce on video?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:30:24 No.3168411

  what anime is this?

  for science

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:33:29 No.3168414


  Onii-chan Dakedo Ai Sae Areba Kankeinai yo ne!

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:34:29 No.3168415

  I know asking for sauce is a meme and all, but can't you at least wait until the end of the flash?
  You're obviously interested enough in the scenes to want to know what the show is.
  There's probably some commentary to be made here about attention spans as well, but I'm sure /f/
  has done nothing to really help people with that over the years. I'm probably no better; I only
  stayed till the end because I liked the music. The anime is trash anyway.

  Same to you friend, but at least you were able to find sauce yourself.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)00:34:48 No.3168416

  lol not that u could of just said OniAi

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)01:16:03 No.3168430

  The actual music video was way more interesting than the shitty fanservice anime. It is in fact
  Outlines' "I Cannot Think"

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)01:18:37 No.3168433


  it popped up at the end yeah but it was only for like a second :/

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)02:06:11 No.3168447

  In my experience, right-clicking will interrupt playback of the video (audo keeps going though).
  Should be a good way to read things that don't stay on the screen very long.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)02:28:25 No.3168454

  "All deez bitches fight for tha D"
  Ah man fuck that, we're just friends

>> [_] Anonymous 10/28/16(Fri)03:24:41 No.3168472


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