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[_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)20:56:24 No.3246019

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)21:36:42 No.3246027

  I find this offensive

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)21:41:25 No.3246028

  They aren't white though...

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)23:27:33 No.3246069

  >doctor and lawyer family
  >middle class

  doesn't add up

  also yukko is best girl.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)23:52:54 No.3246075

  My dad makes six figures as an engineer, and we're still middle class, because of cost of living.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/19/17(Fri)23:55:55 No.3246077

  cost of living in my town is pretty decent but we are talking doctor and a lawyer together. those
  two would be able to handle cost of living I'd say in most places and still have enough money to
  be above middle class.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/20/17(Sat)00:10:42 No.3246084

  Being able to buy any thing you want isn't upper class. Upper class is when your money makes
  money simply for existing and buys political influence.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/20/17(Sat)00:19:51 No.3246088

  it depends on how you define upper class which many people have opinions on. some say it's in the
  range of 175k household income which a doctor and lawyer couple aren't hard to imagine being over
  that. investopedia if you are ok with that source suggests that $389,436 is an income that puts
  you in the "1%" so I'd say that's a safe bet to consider someone upper class and again it's
  certainly possible to make that money as a couple like that.

  I stand by my statement that a Doctor and lawyer family is above middle class.

>> [_] Anonymous 05/20/17(Sat)05:09:00 No.3246140

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