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[_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)00:33:05 No.3223294

  Here's how to fix flash for those having problems
  >In the address bar, type chrome:plugins to open the Plug-ins page
  >Find the Adobe Flash Player
  >Check "Always allowed to run"
  >Close the Plug-ins screen

  Daily reminder. That is all.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)01:06:54 No.3223313

  I usually don't help chromefags who can't even manage their own browser, but I guess someone has
  to educate the newest fags, right?

  I believe the most centric problem is that none of them understands that swf is a third party
  file extension, like say .doc for example.
  It just opens with the adobe flash player installed.
  You need to run the player.
  You can use the standalone player exe to open them locally on your pc without any browser.
  Associate the extension with said exe.
  You can save files like any other file that you open directly with a browser, like pictures or
  Unless you use the gay embed functions which flashes were not made for generally. Just open them,
  click on them, to open in a new tab (or window if you prefer that for some reason).
  You'll see the loading status of the tab, to determine if videos, etc. have fully loaded or not.
  You can then resize said tab (window) to see sauce or whatever under the flash in some cases.
  Use flash correctly today and get rid of stupid habits that come from not lurking and learning
  during your early years.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)06:02:42 No.3223363

  >exposing your fap sessions to the botnet

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)07:16:26 No.3223366

  which web browser isn't a botnet at this point?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)08:08:03 No.3223380

  >but I guess someone has to
  you're doing Kek's work, Anon. All dogs go to Heaven.

  FYI: The Internet itself is a botnet. Proceed with caution, let the hilarity ensue.


>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)13:42:24 No.3223430

  Holdon... What is this from... it sounds familiar.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)13:43:35 No.3223431

  And I just right clicked. I even checked the margins, heh... My bad.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/11/17(Sat)13:43:59 No.3223432

  toby fox - the filename
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