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>> Anonymous 13sep2017(we)01:13 No.53241 OP P1

[IMG] Rajii_jasonafex_dragon-v0942.swf (9.45 MiB)
1800x1080, Compressed. 2 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
Ver15, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: Yes. <METADATA>
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>> Anonymous 13sep2017(we)02:35 No.53242 A P2R1

that's gay.

"powered by patreon" is an incorrect thing to say unless the company itself actually support this
project directly. come to think of it, they are pretty gay so its not impossible.

>> Anonymous 13sep2017(we)12:34 No.53252 B P3R2

Those girls have a really weird pussy.

>> Anonymous 15sep2017(fr)22:36 No.53324 C P4R3

TFW it's gay, you could've had a quality swf if it wasnt so gay.

>> Anonymous 16sep2017(sa)05:22 No.53337 D P5R4

Does Jasonafex do anything that's not gay and furry?

I think there was that one with the snake?

>> Anonymous 16sep2017(sa)05:35 No.53338 E P6R5

does straight stuff, but no non-furry

>> Anonymous 17sep2017(su)15:33 No.53385 F P7R6

>Jasonafex animation
>it's gay shit

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)04:39 No.53544 G P8R7

Welcome to internet, if you can't fap to everything which at least have decent quality you
shouldn't belong here.

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)05:35 No.53545 H P9R8

why did the machines cum and none of the subjects

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)05:59 No.53551 I P10R9

It's just cumlube.

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)12:30 No.53557 J P11

>be a furfag with a diapervorescatfootinflation-fetish or leave

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)18:00 No.53561 K P12R10

Oh, newfag please...
You don't need to be "someone" to fap on "something" or having specific fetish.
Quality only matter.
Enjoin or ignore.
Enjoin or GTFO.
Choose one or few and live with it.

>> Anonymous 21sep2017(th)18:10 No.53562 J P13

>dat engrish
>Quality only matter
Then go fap to high-resolution pictures of a sunset, """""oldfag""""".

>> Anonymous 23sep2017(sa)20:29 No.53635 L P14R11

Do you can't even fap on the half-naked sun?
Then what do you forgot in Internets?
.. or even on The Earth.

>> Anonymous 23sep2017(sa)20:45 No.53637 J P15

Yes, ooga booga, you can't pay with bananas here mate.

>> Anonymous 23sep2017(sa)21:11 No.53638 M P16R12

I sincerely hope English is not your first language.

>> Anonymous 23sep2017(sa)21:26 No.53639 G P17R13

How retarded are you?
It's just _joke_.

>> Anonymous 23sep2017(sa)21:43 No.53640 J P18

Yes yes, mup da doo didda po mo gub bidda be dat tum muhfugen bix nood cof bin dub ho muhfugga.

>> Anonymous 17oct2017(tu)11:50 No.54303 N P19R14

Stop it

>> Anonymous 17oct2017(tu)16:08 No.54304 O P20R15

Don't ask the kiddies to stop, friend — they mistake belligerent defiance for individuality.
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