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[_] Leftist Hypocrisy Anonymous 10/10/17(Tue)23:51:58 No.3286367

  Typical Trump derangement syndrome libtards - always trying to blame shit on Trump that
  politicians and criminal degenerate scum which they idolize are plainly guilty of... including
  themselves (so fucking narcissistic) Southpark had it right when it showed the typical prius
  driving liberal farting into wine glasses and sucking their own flatulence back into their faces
  though said glassware. Liberalism is a mental disorder - FIND A CURE! There are only two genders
  - the rest are mental delusions and genetic disorders! If you really think trans is real - then
  go up to an anorexic woman and tell her she should really think about doing more exercise and
  going on a proper diet because being morbidly obese is scientifically proven to increases your
  chances of heart disease and stroke - that and fat people are just gross as fuck!

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)00:51:17 No.3286395


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)01:24:42 No.3286403


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)01:27:40 No.3286404


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)01:45:14 No.3286411


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)01:57:06 No.3286413

  I'm just so tired of politics.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)02:40:44 No.3286427

  Is this a copypasta, or do you have ADHD?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)02:54:28 No.3286433

  You're pissing into the wind t b h
  pasta never tasted so good.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)05:02:47 No.3286452


>> [_] Anonymous 10/11/17(Wed)05:10:42 No.3286454

  Preaching to the choir. Lefties are a disease
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