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[_] SAITAMA SUNDAY!? Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:38:28 No.3268071

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)16:45:20 No.3268074

  what the fuck was that star with a butter knife trying to do?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)18:04:18 No.3268091

  Is the show as awesome as this short?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)18:09:52 No.3268093

  far from it

  the first few episodes are promising but after they introduced the Hero Society it fell down into
  the genereic shounen anime. Perhaps the finale might be worth the watch when he acutally gets to
  fight after like 6-7 boring episodes or so where you watch other heroes handling other fights

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)18:57:22 No.3268105

  That's Like says Avengers is a bad movie purely because you don't like hero movies. You can not
  like the genre, fine, but to tell others that the show is 'bad' based on that is bullshit.
  Within the genre of shounen 'fighting with a side of comedy' it is VERY highly rated. If that is
  a thing you like at all, watch it. If that is a thing you hate, don't.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/30/17(Sun)19:18:00 No.3268108

  Well he asked if it is anything like what's in the flash and I told him it's not, because if it
  was about him traveling the world slaying beasts like this flash leads to believe it would be a
  different story but One Punch Man is, sadly, not about that and none of those monsters shown
  there are in the anime.

>> [_] :v 07/30/17(Sun)19:27:36 No.3268110

  I took it as a comedy with a splash of action and enjoyed it.
  It's drawn well and while the story is as "on-rail" as you can get the humor and pop culture
  references make up for it for me. (they even mention hyper aggressive -chan folk).

  I recommend Mob Psycho 100 it's along the same lines and has more interesting story elements.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/17(Mon)02:04:44 No.3268225

  dude he'll spread your ass

>> [_] Anonymous 07/31/17(Mon)02:17:28 No.3268229

  Speaking of the Hero Association (as it is called, I assume you mean the organization when you
  say Hero Society), can we talk about how strange it is that it was formed just three years before
  the events that take place in the One Punch Man anime?

  I mean I guess that can be a joke too but come on; it has world-wide recognition, hundreds of
  heroes and a hierarchy complete with rules for advancement and so forth. Monsters have been
  frequent only in the last 15 years as well.

  The One Punch Man-world feels like it has had plenty of monsters for longer than that, and the
  existance of the Hero Association feels just as ancient.
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