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[_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)01:48:53 No.3340220

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)01:56:21 No.3340226

  to be fair, m00t really was a dick during the final years

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)03:15:40 No.3340234

  >/f/uck you moot

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)03:34:39 No.3340240

  All he wanted was an underground anime board free from the judging eyes of society and we ruined
  it for him

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)03:37:15 No.3340241

  I miss old captcha so much. We didn't know how good we had it.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)03:52:26 No.3340242

  I always wondered why Boxxy never mentioned 4chan.
  she would censor herself saying Mmm Chan.
  it became clear that 4chan was meant to be secret.
  Flash is the only sacred place now because summers and Newfags
  can't figure it out.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)05:00:56 No.3340251

  legacy captcha could be used up until earlier this year

  thank god

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)05:01:45 No.3340252

  Phones don't handle this board so well, I think that has a lot to do with it.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)05:55:07 No.3340260

  I think so too.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)10:39:51 No.3340288

  >newfag detected

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)10:56:24 No.3340290

  I've tried a few chan apps and none had /f/ available, and if it had it was absolute garbage

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)11:26:59 No.3340292

  / w h o ?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)12:28:54 No.3340299

  there's this android browser made for flash games
  ?id=com.cloudmosa.puffinFree it's alright

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)14:08:57 No.3340315

  >not niggering the captcha

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)16:45:26 No.3340348

  they can, theres still a way to enable flash in mobile firefox, its just most newfags and morons
  and they wont go out of their way to figure it out

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)17:48:25 No.3340354

  I just said phones don't handle this board well, not they they can't access it

>> [_] Anonymous 06/08/18(Fri)18:24:27 No.3340357

  and instead he gave us /a/utisitic passive aggresive faggot losers that cry if you share
  informatiom, along with the worst cock sucking mods that coddle these cunts
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