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feminist mindset explained by an ex-feminist.swf
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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 12/4 -2018 17:59:45 Ended: 13/4 -2018 00:53:26Flashes: 1 Posts: 31
File: feminist mindset explained by an ex-feminist.swf-(9.92 MB, 1280x722, Other)
[_] Anon 3328758 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 3328793 >17min
>> [_] Anon 3328799 >># I just listened to it in the background. It's okay.
>> [_] Anon 3328801 >># tl:dw version?
>> [_] Anon 3328806 >># When a feminist filmmaker sets out to document the mysterious and polarizing world of the Men's Rights Movement, she begins to question her own beliefs.
>> [_] Anon 3328807 >># well aren't you fucking useless
>> [_] Anon 3328808 >># I kinda understood >a feminist believes what a feminist believes in >starts to make a document on said beliefs >observes that all of it or most of it is not true >becomes an ex-feminist I mean who really cares about feminists
>> [_] Anon 3328827 >># >feminist is forced to listen to men's right's activists without interrupting when making a documentary >forced to actually reread and study their words as she transcribes their statements >in a rare moment of serendipity, the feminist realizes that she isn't treating the arguments and statements of the MRAs as ideas to be fairly considered, but obstacles to be overcome so that she can keep holding on to her ideology >actually decides to challenge her mindset and exposes her own ideas and beliefs to the arguments instead of immediately disregarding them >turns out facts>feelings after all >now talks about how she stopped being a cultist Not like it matters, cases like this are far and few between. Feminism is too big to fail and supported as an almost universal good, it's a far too successful cult for moments like this to happen frequently enough to change that. Mass social media companies that dominate the public sphere like Twitter and Facebook acting as echochambers only makes it harder for people to actually challenge their ideas as well.
>> [_] Anon 3328828 >># >17min
>> [_] Anon 3328830 >TL;DR >Femnazi wants to get into film >realizes that she needs to actually understand what people say >listens to MRAs at first and thinks they're all faggots >reviews film and keeps trying to play victim card on everything they say >starts to actually realize what they're saying isn't trying to force blame on women; but moreso inequality for men in general >realizes MRAs are just men who want the same rights as women in cases of custody, suicide prevention, wartime drafts. >starts to realize feminism is good in first wave/second wave, and realizes the cause is batshit insane currently.
>> [_] Anon 3328835 >guaranteed_replies.swf
>> [_] Anon 3328849 It's ironic that the ultimate lesson of the video was the `value of listening`, while the majority of replies here are expressions of unwillingness to listen.
>> [_] Anon 3328850 >># FUCK YOU feminism is cancer
>> [_] Anon 3328851 >># There's only a few people calling for tl;dw though
>> [_] Anon 3328853 >being closed-minded can make you unsympathetic to the struggles of others wow
>> [_] Anon 3328856 The documentary she ended up making is called the Red Pill. I watched it. This is pretty much the tl;dw version, less interesting fluff and more story.
>> [_] Anon 3328861 >># sane people will be indifferent to topics like these and let them die like any "fad" there is only an issue with people that challenge these political correctfulnes
>> [_] Anon 3328865 >># that's pretty much spot on and you made me wanna watch the movie in theaters
>> [_] Anon 3328867 >># FUCK YOUR MOTHER
>> [_] Anon 3328868 >># you forgot the happy ending: after she started acting like a real woman a man proposed to her, it was the happiest day of her life
>> [_] Anon 3328870 >># >># >># I have never wanted to strangle someone through the internet so badly
>> [_] Anon 3328884 >># u wanna go, poosi boi?
>> [_] Anon 3328895 >># I would annihilate you.
>> [_] Anon 3328901 >># >17min
>> [_] Anon 3328904 >Listening to anything a woman says.
>> [_] Anon 3328908 >># >17 minutes
>> [_] Anon 3328910 >># >17 minutes
>> [_] Anon 3328913 >># >># >># you niggers aren't going to upset me
>> [_] Anon 3328914 >># what a remarkably weak willed person!
>> [_] Anon 3328921 >use the same site as a bunch of MRAs >realize there are voices of reason in the middle of the ocean of screeching manbabies >realize this kind of thing is in the center of absolutely all controversial opinions, keeping the entire side afloat and all you have to do to hear it is hang around a while >yeah but all of feminism is an ocean of screeching womynbabies why should I even stick around them and listen? For the love of god just go to a college town Starbucks and listen to other people's conversations for a week or so. If you think your political opposition are all morons or pure evil or something, you're almost certainly living in an echo chamber. It's the only way you can get to such ridiculous levels of ignorance

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 4/6 -2017 14:35:47 Ended: 4/6 -2017 20:16:39Flashes: 1 Posts: 13
File: feminist mindset explained by an ex-feminist.swf-(9.92 MB, 1280x722, Other)
[_] Anon 3250755
>> [_] 3 3250780 was not expecting to see Cassie Jaye. Props for sharing this anon.
>> [_] Anon 3250790 Good shit. Cassie Jaye is great
>> [_] Anon 3250791 >># >># >people praise this 17 minutes lon youtuberip why not just go on /pol/ or wherever this shit is being discussed at and post the jewtubelink there?
>> [_] Anon 3250793 >># I see your point, but swfs like these don't usually circulate for very long, so there shouldn't be an issue in the long run. It has always been a common thing to see a few YouTube videos on /f/, and no one started whining until very recently. I know some people have been here longer than me, but for the 6 years I've been here, people only recently started reading and following the board's rules even though they're simply outdated and invalid considering the actual culture on the board that people have loved and cherished for years. If you don't like it, just skip it like a normal person. Telling people to go to /wsg/ or YouTube won't help
>> [_] Anon 3250794 Men use statistics and logic, women use torches and pitchforks
>> [_] Anon 3250798 >># Isn't saying you're logical and statistical, then pointing at women and saying they use torches and pitchforks a bit contradictory? You'd think a logical and statistical analysis of female behavior wouldn't need to resort to hyperbole.
>> [_] sage-sama 3250804 >># dumb people use torches and pithforks you're proof of that lad
>> [_] Anon 3250806 >># perhaps, but sadly it's close enough to the truth that he can say such.
>> [_] Anon 3250807 >># >lad u mad cunt?
>> [_] Anon 3250808 >># You sound mad because of the content of the swf, rather than the fact that it's a jewtube rip. That said, this woman is my literal hero.
>> [_] sage-sama 3250809 >># fuck you convinced me wtf i love /pol/ now
>> [_] Anon 3250811 >># well, /pol/ IS always right after all.
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