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[_] Anonymous 01/12/21(Tue)15:56:04 No.3456923

  Inflation aint nothing but a thang.

  3963.3 billion USD in circulation on December 30th 2019.
  6523.5 billion USD in circulation on December 28th 2020.
  2560.2 billion USD printed in 2020 = 39.25% of all USD were created in the last year.

  This would mean hyper inflation for any banana republic, luckily the US isn't just any banana
  republic so we'll see how this plays out.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/12/21(Tue)20:45:00 No.3457029

  to the mooooon

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/21(Wed)00:27:49 No.3457086

  >6523.5 billion USD in circulation on December 28th 2020
  Wait, so that means that the national debt has been more than the total amount of dollars in
  circulation for quite a while now?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/21(Wed)00:47:57 No.3457094

  Maybe "in circulation" was the wrong words to use. Don't know how the US debt is calculated, as
  far as I know it is basically how much the US owes to itself. It's not really a debt but rather a
  representation of "value lost", or something? Maybe an expert can correct me.

  Although it's possible for the debt to be higher than the amount of USD in circulation, since
  there are other fiats and resources that carries value that could be represented as USD, even
  though the combined USD value of all those resources doesn't exist.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/21(Wed)11:10:51 No.3457158

  inflation to the mooooon

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/21(Wed)11:35:32 No.3457162

  The dollar is going to be worthless in a decade

>> [_] Anonymous 01/13/21(Wed)16:26:17 No.3457195

  every dollar printed comes with 25 cent of interest
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