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[_] I wanna be famous Anonymous 09/15/20(Tue)22:17:02 No.3439592

  Miss this show when it used to be good

>> [_] Anonymous 09/15/20(Tue)22:19:33 No.3439593

  all i know about this show is from porn parodies

>> [_] Anonymous 09/15/20(Tue)22:23:03 No.3439594

  First season is great, then it kinda went downhill from there. I really do recommend it though.
  Its like 6teen mixed with the reality tv show craze of the mid 2000s

>> [_] Anonymous 09/15/20(Tue)23:49:47 No.3439606

  i don't know 6teen or craze either so i've no idea what you mean, lol

>> [_] Anonymous 09/16/20(Wed)03:11:26 No.3439618

  yo im looking for the name a hentai flash it was a text game were you went thru a portal and had
  a libido leven and all that

>> [_] Anonymous 09/16/20(Wed)16:35:52 No.3439640

  corruption of champions

>> [_] Anonymous 09/16/20(Wed)16:58:57 No.3439643

  Just watched the entirety of Season 1 after seeing some compilation of the new Goth characters -
  who are fucking awesome. Quite sad after reading the wiki page of Duncan. Was hoping they'd be
  together and she'd change her looks to be more "punkish",

>> [_] Anonymous 09/16/20(Wed)17:31:04 No.3439645

  he's talking about shows like survivor
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