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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/3 -2016 11:04:19 Ended: 22/3 -2016 17:44:50Flashes: 1 Posts: 10
File: pimpin ain't easy fool.swf-(2.23 MB, 550x400, Hentai) [_] Learn how to be a pimp Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)05:57:09 No.3046349
It ain't easy, fool. Marked for deletion (old). >> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)06:04:44 No.3046350
Can YOU get the rare STONER ending? >> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)06:22:48 No.3046352
>>3046349 I feel bad for the people who's names are associated with this.
>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)06:47:21 No.3046358
>>3046349 >Class of 1990 >I hadn't even started 1st grade in 1990 >These guys had graduated then I feel so young
>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)07:34:42 No.3046363
Having to hear all of the same lines over and over again while trying to play a different path is annoying as fuck.
>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)07:36:59 No.3046364
>>3046350 I got the LOL WEED IS BAD ending trying to bone the teacher :\
>> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)07:40:29 No.3046365 Literally the only one you can bang is the teacher.
What a crock of shit. >> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)10:56:27 No.3046425
>>3046349 is there any good ending? >> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)11:04:56 No.3046429
>>3046349 holy fuck these are old >> [_] Anonymous 03/22/16(Tue)12:35:10 No.3046462 ONE NAKED MAN

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/11 -2015 09:08:56 Ended: 14/11 -2015 14:36:37Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: 2-9.swf-(2.23 MB, 550x400, Porn) [_] Anonymous 11/14/15(Sat)03:05:55 No.2950501
>> [_] The Doctor 11/14/15(Sat)03:12:48 No.2950508
>>2950501 >Actually having time to make friends in math class The fuck, no wonder he has a shitty lifestyle
>Romp tier graphics >> [_] Anonymous 11/14/15(Sat)08:30:58 No.2950615
I think the only thing I like about this is the fact it highlights the misconceptions of all the "what if" scenarios people have p

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