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 File :[Earthbound_wait.swf] - (299 KB)
[_] [?] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)13:57 No.903937

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)14:06 No.903950

  i have this as my screensaver.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)14:09 No.903956

  How do I made flash a screensaver?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)15:01 No.903992

  It involves some fscommand scripting to auto fullscreen and to exit the player once the user
  moves the mouse. Oh, and you gotta build a projector of the *.swf and rename it as a *.scr.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)15:06 No.903997

  I just had a nap while this played. Thanks OP.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)15:08 No.904000

  someone did what
  said and uploaded it for us all. I forget the link though, I'll try to find it.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)15:22 No.904009


  there are actually programs that auto do for you

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:14 No.904065

  I am the one who made the screen saver if any one would like it again.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:15 No.904067

  Hold on, I'll just up it for you guys again. Lemme dig.....

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:23 No.904077

  Here you go guys. I had to remake it because I deleted the zip folder. Some virus scanners
  consider this a virus because it's an old system boot/exe using win32. Just ignore it if it
  bothers you, most virus scanners hate .exe any way so you should be used to it. Also, I take
  requests if any of you would like to have another flash made into a screensaver just post it up
  on /f/ with the subject Screensaver Mez Please, and hopefully I will see it :)

  Without further ado, the link

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:29 No.904080

  :) == don't trust this guy.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:33 No.904084


>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:33 No.904085

  If you'd like I can gladly remove the :) for you. I'm sure >>903956 and >>904000 confirm that
  this is the legit file, seeing as I'm the one who makes it every month for you guys... Then again
  I doubt those 2 are still here.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:36 No.904088

  I could just make a trip... Would anon like that. [spoiler] I doubt it

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:41 No.904095

  sooo can anyone confirm the legitness?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:42 No.904096

  Do you need screen caps with the legitness?

>> [_] TROLL TROLL LOL !C39eJFFfMg 02/22/09(Sun)16:47 No.904100

  It's legit, fags.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)16:58 No.904111

  >>903956 is here. I'm the poster of >>904080. I'm being a picky prick sometimes.
  But yes, if you were some sort of elitist tripfag, who make some good deeds despite of being
  hated for a tripcode, I would trust you more.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:00 No.904114

  >>904111 addendum.
  Usually I would just try it on VM, but I don't have this possibility right now.

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)17:03 No.904119

  Fine here you go. But I'm far from Elitist. Have a good day/evening sir.

>> [_] Dennis Jensen !fpXAASGpVs 02/22/09(Sun)17:07 No.904121

  A screensaver is made to keep the picture from burning into your screen.

  This picture is not moving, therefore it is not a valid screensaver.

  Fail, thx.

  Also, just set your desktop background as an HTML page. Embed the video at page size.


>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:07 No.904122

  Good night, sir.

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)17:08 No.904124

  Also, I'll gladly take any other /f/ request in to a screensaver as I said earlier, just no
  flashes with menus/clicktostart, or I'll have to cut the loading screen out, which will take a
  day or so.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:22 No.904130

  LCD doesn't need a screensaver it wont burn in

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:27 No.904136

  the file is legit, grab it if you want.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:32 No.904141

  It's not a virus. Oh wait yeah it is.

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)17:33 No.904142

  If you want to go ahead and think that, don't let me stop you.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:41 No.904151

  Shit is legit. Not only is it legit, but it's pretty damn awesome.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:47 No.904153

  We just only want you to flip the fuck out a bit. To take care of us like of little kids. We all
  have a child inside who carves for attention. I guess, this is why we are on 4chan.

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)17:49 No.904155

  Good point.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)17:58 No.904165

  What's it a countdown to? MOTHER1+2? MOTHER3?

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)18:03 No.904171

  It's a clock. As in an actual clock. You know, for what time it is.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:11 No.904178

  Oh, damn.
  I feel stupid.

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)18:13 No.904179

  It's okay, I can see how you would think it could of been a count down to something. The first
  time I saw this flash last year I made the same assumption. :)

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:28 No.904188

  FFFFFFFFFFFF i didnt know you could do that! im going to have to try it

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:29 No.904189

  hahahahaha o wow how i lold

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:31 No.904190

  i misspelled gullible... searched googie for the word and got this:

  im not sure if i should rage :/

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:39 No.904193

  aw didnt work with vista, man you got me

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:42 No.904196

  >We all have a child inside who carves for attention.
  well i have me inside a child if you get what i mean

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:48 No.904201

  >could of

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)18:51 No.904203

  This is why we cannot have nice things.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:52 No.904204

  did you make a screensaver from a flash file by only using Flash to make the .swf, then
  FlashPlayer to make the projector? no shitty "flash-to-screensaver"-program?

  care to explain how? let's make 4chan a place worth posting on!

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)18:53 No.904205

  oh good you are still here, then im sure you will see >>904204

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)18:58 No.904212

  Unfortunatly, Vista tore the fuck out of my flash making, so I am forced to use a swf to
  screensaver. But the program I use, makes the projection and adds an actual screensaver file
  along with the swf for faster loading times. I'd post the program, but it should be on the
  installer I put on >>904077

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:04 No.904215

  well say the name of the program you use then, for those of us that cant or wont get that
  megaupload link (or for generations to come when that link is long dead (this thread is archived
  you know))

  also you say it worked before on XP but not on Vista? i have vista now. i remember vista ruined
  the fun you could have before by merging a picture/flashfile with a rar archive in the CMD prompt
  (works on XP, on Vista it gives a corrupt file, damn Microsoft how can they make such a fail OS
  and how the hell cant they make a better browser than firefox when they are the biggest company
  on earth (or close at least)).

  anyway, care to finish your post?

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:04 No.904216

  >Vista tore the fuck out of my flash making
  whats that supposed to mean??

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)19:09 No.904218

  It just messed up my programs when I moved over from XP. Big mistake.
  It's not even that complex of a program, pretty easy one click happy stuff :3 Not how I like
  doing it though. I'd prefer to hard code it, but Vista like "I'M AFRAID I CAN'T LET YOU DO THAT
  MEZ" enjoy.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:19 No.904220

  thanks. i like to hard code too, and i have a XP system set up in the other room. care to explain
  how to do it manually so I can try?

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)19:22 No.904225

  It pretty much already was here
  Hell even
  can be done and it would work.

  There's also some Tutorials on google, I'm far too inexpirenced to teach anyone. (1st year
  Computer Programming)

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:24 No.904226

  i searched and only got crap results "flash to screensaver BUY BUY BUY". thats why i asked you,
  otherwise i wouldnt had bothered you

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)19:25 No.904227

  Ah hold on, lemme dig.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:30 No.904231

  have to go afk for a little while, thanks in before hand if i dont make it back before the thread
  closes (im pretty sure i will though). thread will stay online for hours/days after it closes
  though so ill get your message

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)19:31 No.904232

  Holy fuck, I forgot it's already been a year. There used to be this really good tutorial on SWF
  decompiling and converting them into various Video Formats and Screensavers etc using Scripts. I
  don't think I saved it though. I'll dig some more, maybe an anon on here saved it.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:32 No.904234

  thats too bad, i always hang on to everything remotely interesting i come across. ive got stuff
  from back when i started using a computer and learned html

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:33 No.904235

  ah that was you. wasn't sure hehe. afk now

>> [_] Mez !sU0LlTuknU 02/22/09(Sun)19:33 No.904236

  I normally do too, but I lost my firefox/opera Bookmarks on the move to XP.

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)19:37 No.904238


>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)20:19 No.904268


  yes, i back up those once in a while, probably have close to 500 bookmarks. i usually download
  the good tuff though so i dont have to trust the guides/etc to be online in 5 years too

  thanks anyway man, that freeware program is good. hate how google is so spammed with "buy this
  program instead of getting a better one for free"-stuff nowadays

>> [_] Anonymous 02/22/09(Sun)21:11 No.904305

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