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[_] [G] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:08 No.915110

Marked for deletion (old).

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:20 No.915121

  this is why men are superior to women

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:47 No.915148

  if women are anything like the one here, then they have no free will.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:47 No.915149

  wanna hear a joke?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:49 No.915151

  RAGE HOMOSEXUAL end it now

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)21:55 No.915161

  Women's rights?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:28 No.915190

  Inb4 newfags freak out about how OMGFUKINWEIRD this is

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:30 No.915193


  Because when a man is turned into a woman, he instantly falls to mind control?

  Or did you play the game?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:33 No.915195

  yes and yes

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:42 No.915200

  That's what happens when you lose your penis, you're suddenly susceptible to mind control,
  otherwise known as estrogen.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:56 No.915212

  is there no way to win?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:57 No.915213

  you're a woman now. think about it.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)22:58 No.915216


>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)23:08 No.915223

  is there an alternate ending?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)23:13 No.915227


>> [_] Anonymous 03/06/09(Fri)23:54 No.915251

  Never understood the point to this, i'm sure whoever made it thought it was "deep", but it isn't.
  It's just pointless.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)00:42 No.915280

  the seek bar bookmarklet says no

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)00:51 No.915285

  Nah, the guy's just messed up.
  Here's a link to his gallery. Have fun.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)00:53 No.915287

  This is a good example of how messed up he is.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)01:03 No.915294

  hahahaha oh wow
  i fapped until i bled

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)01:33 No.915315

  Strangely, I went along with it up until the very end. And I'm a guy.

  I wish this could happen to me.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/07/09(Sat)02:07 No.915341

  You live happily ever after. How is that now winning?
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