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[_] [G] Can you win? Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:18 No.871206


>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:30 No.871209

  All ways lead you to the same checkpoints and conclusion. Fail.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:33 No.871210

  wtf? I can't choose to get the fuck out of there! it chooses for me......fucking bullshit fail

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:36 No.871212

  gay sage.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:46 No.871215

  kdingo is all about the BAD END. No surprise here.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:57 No.871222

  No sex. Where is the guy fucking the maid? Fail fail fail fail. But interesting possibilities,
  with this

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)17:58 No.871224

  You guys sound like you're twelve, geez. The point is that the name of the game is ironic.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)18:03 No.871227
  Guy also has a large portfolio of fucked up shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)18:08 No.871228

  Some people are sexually aroused by this.

  Most people on 4chan are. If you aren't, you don't belong here.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)18:14 No.871229

  is true, this is fantasy, the whole point is for it to contradict your wishes.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)18:28 No.871237

  I'm not usually drawn to fucked up shit like this, but there seems to be some depth to this one...

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)19:32 No.871258

  You mean like Evangelion?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)19:47 No.871266

  hot as hell despite being SFW. This guy is a few level more disturbed than most 4channers.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)20:24 No.871280

  You've clearly not been to /d/.
  Listen to this guy. If you think this is fucked up you've still got a whole adventure ahead of
  you on this site.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)20:33 No.871283

  you've been here for too long :P

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)20:52 No.871297


>> [_] anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)20:56 No.871299

  don't give a shit.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)21:00 No.871301

  If you actually go along with it you get different screens. No win though.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)21:15 No.871308

  after manually clicking play, i realized you cannot win the game, only lose

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)21:50 No.871321

  sage for ICS's stupidity

>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)22:33 No.871335


>> [_] Anonymous 01/03/09(Sat)23:49 No.871349

  You have lost the game.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/04/09(Sun)00:18 No.871356

  I won.. I just clicked random shit and won.

  You guys are stupid.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/04/09(Sun)00:24 No.871357

  The button on the top right shaped like an X is how to win.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/04/09(Sun)00:53 No.871365

  free will my ass, this thing auto-wins

>> [_] Anonymous 01/05/09(Mon)10:37 No.871428

  at last someone fixed /f/
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