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 >> Anonymous 14jan2012(sa)03:51 No.3056 OP P1

 Play SMB1 as Samus, Link, Mega Man, Simon, Bill R or Mario.

 Here's a video of the programmer playing this game.

 >Super Mario Bros. Crossover - Playing My Own Game #1

  Super Maio Bros Crossover.swf (5.18 MiB)
 512x480, Compressed. 6 frames, 60 fps (00:00).
 Ver10, AS3. Network access: No. Text: Yes.
 Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: No.

 >> Anonymous 14jan2012(sa)03:55 No.3057 OP P2

 i just realized the flash file name has a big spelling mistake in it

 >> Anonymous 14jan2012(sa)06:02 No.3058 A P3R1

Theres a version of the game that lets you play as the guy from Ninja Gaiden.

 >> Anonymous 14jan2012(sa)07:00 No.3060 OP P4R2

 Really? I've never seen that one. Upload it here, please.

 >> Anonymous 16jan2012(mo)01:57 No.3069 B P5R3

 You can play it at the official site:

 >> Anonymous 16jan2012(mo)03:42 No.3070 OP P6R4

 Cool, looks like a lot has happened in the game. Also looks like it has been finished, it says Apr
 27th, 2010 on that page which is almost two years ago.

 I'll upload the game on swfchan. It's funny since the new version is only 943 KiB compared to the >
 5 MiB version in this thread. O_o I think he compressed the music a lot better (used mod files
 played with ActionScript 3 instead of wave audio files).
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