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Categories are now finally searchable! Or well, pretty much. You can apply a category filter to your search results.
Performance has also been increased a bit as well as functionality. You can now use OR statements in your search.
Update: Brief downtime due to installation of more RAM on the server (from 16 to 24).
Update 2: Lazy Search is now even more lazy since "cat" will find both "cat" and "caaaaat".
Update 3: Categories can now by fully searched on their own! This pretty much covers the need of that "category selector" that I never wrote.

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[_] [L] Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)12:25 No.1599746

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)12:49 No.1599763

  music sauce?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)13:07 No.1599766

  Sweet Memories of Earth - Duck Tales video game

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)13:25 No.1599769

  Holy christ

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/12(Tue)13:26 No.1599770

  aka moon stage.

  also how could you waste time on stuff like this I really wonder.
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