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File: earthbound clock.swf-(292 KB, Loop)
[_] /r/ inside Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)03:39 No.1794155

  in exchange, something i know you'll enjoy, /f/. i am looking for an AMV flash of a
  reddish/strawberry haired girl spouting moonspeak at top speed. there were parts where she was in
  a skirt and working as a waitress where she served her friends, one where people were playing
  baseball, and this particularly ear-bleedingly annoying part where she's laughing all "AHHH HA HA
  HA HA HA (insert rapid moonspeak)". vague and hard to follow, i know, but it's late and that's
  all i remember. help me, /f/. i need my ears to bleed and you're my only hope.

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)06:19 No.1794206

  I don't know what it is you are looking for but it sounds a lot like it was sampled from excel

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)08:10 No.1794233

  Did it have this Kirby music in it?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)08:18 No.1794239

  this one?

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)10:46 No.1794288

  ahhh, that's the one. thanks anon

>> [_] Anonymous 10/27/12(Sat)10:54 No.1794295

  I love this flash, OP. I will give it much love and use in the coming years of my college career
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