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[_] Good stuff Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)21:49 No.1853468

  Some people say they find this flash unnerving or spooky. Can anyone tell me why?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)21:57 No.1853481

  When do I get to come out of the house and level up?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)21:58 No.1853482

  I will wait forever

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:05 No.1853493

  Never. The adventure's over.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:06 No.1853495

  you lie!

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:18 No.1853513

  Watching someone's house is considered creepy behavior.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:26 No.1853521

  I certainly don't understand. But someone should go ahead and make it unnerving or spooky like 30
  seconds in for fun.

  Darken the scene, glitch up the music and clock, whatever.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:30 No.1853523

  One time I saw this posted, someone in the thread said Giygas flashes on screen and the music
  changes around 2:33 AM. Never tried it myself though.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)22:37 No.1853531

  >seeing this on new years eve

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)23:47 No.1853595

  set your computer clock to 2:32 and open this shit up, post results

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)23:50 No.1853599

  this song. this feel.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)23:53 No.1853604

  I'll post results at 2:33 AM if this thread's still around.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/09/13(Wed)23:57 No.1853608

  Nevermind, I went ahead and did it since I've got nothing better to do. Waited from 2:32:25 to
  2:34:20 and nothing happened. Oh well.

>> [_] Davey !8hSspyzFGU 01/10/13(Thu)00:00 No.1853610

  I've had this as my screen saver on my laptop for the past 4 years ever since I saw it on /f/
  back then. I've since given that laptop to my mom and I still hear it come on from the other room
  often. She tells me she loves it and the song that plays.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/13(Thu)00:36 No.1853637

  Enjoy your burn in.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/13(Thu)01:17 No.1853669

  >burn in


>> [_] Davey !8hSspyzFGU 01/10/13(Thu)01:20 No.1853670

  He has a point, the laptop is rather old at this point.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/13(Thu)01:22 No.1853674

  you do understand that screensavers where designed to PREVENT burn in hence then name

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/13(Thu)01:30 No.1853679

  Yeah, but the point is that this one barely moves. Gonna get burn in everywhere except the clock
  if you leave it on too long.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/10/13(Thu)01:33 No.1853684

  I honestly thought you were trying to troll people into fucking their expensive monitors. I
  almost wasn't going to post. Now I'm glad I did.
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