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Discovered:24/3 -2013 13:05:40

Ended:24/3 -2013 18:30:38

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File: FreeWill.swf-(289 KB, Game)
[_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)06:36 No.1923334

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)07:24 No.1923367

  fairly interesting...

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)07:50 No.1923382

  There is no free will in this game.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)08:45 No.1923402

  Okay this one is actually quite amusing.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)09:01 No.1923408

  > implying free will actually exists
  fuck off

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)09:05 No.1923410

  ha now you know how it feels white male cis scum! check your privelege

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:22 No.1923446

  >wake up idk where i am
  Fuck this im out of here
  >run to door
  sweet it opened, lets get out of this dump
  "oh but the room is messy"
  idc i just want to leave
  "look the bed isnt made"
  fuck the bed i just want to get out
  "but its has wrinks"
  i dont fucking care about an unmade bed just let me out the door opened so walk out
  "but its so messy"
  Fine, i make the fucking bed then im fucking out of here
  > run to the door
  "you dont want to open the door"
  Yes i fucking do let me the fuck out
  "look around?"
  the fuck? fine but after that just let me out
  " you feel naked you should find something to put on"
  Yea w/e as long as i can get out of here afterwards
  >look through cloths
  fuck seriously just put anything on so i can get out of here
  >find pervy note on cloths
  Fuck this shit i want out

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:23 No.1923449

  "you blush, seems like youve found the place you belong"
  Wtf no i want out why the fuck would i blush at that shit? lets just go out the door
  "you decide to wait for this person to demand answers"
  Fuck no im not waiting why cant you just walk out the fucking door i dont want to be in this
  shitty room with some perv on his way
  "it will be a while before this person gets here. What to do until then"
  FUCK, just LEAVE already why the fuck wont you listen to me i want to LEAVE
  >5 hours later
  The fuck why am i still here? and why the fuck am i in a maids outfit!?
  "your master arrives home"
  fuck this shit, i just want out
  "you wanted to ask your master something but youve fogotten, what about my old life? why are you
  doing this? why cant i leave?"

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:24 No.1923452

  "oh, nevermind! its not important anyways, ill do w/e master wants, pleasing brings pleasure.
  serving brings bliss"
  eh w/e i give up with this
  >acceptance of fate
  "you live happily ever after"

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:27 No.1923454

  If only I could kidnap and transform people into submissive redheads via a flash on /f/... What
  would anon do with this power?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:28 No.1923455

  Is the entire joke that there isn't free will?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:36 No.1923458


  The entire FETISH is that there isn't free will. This is a sexual flash.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:43 No.1923464

  kidnap and transform people into submissive redheads

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:43 No.1923465

  No. The entire joke is that you're a pink-haired tranny.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:44 No.1923468

  The first time I played this I thought I was working towards being a sex slave and clicking all
  the stay and clean etc options. Too bad it just ends.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:57 No.1923479

  the only thing this flash proves is that bitches and hoes.
  so edgy!!!!

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)10:57 No.1923480

  lol I'm a fucking maid. GG WP game

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)11:50 No.1923521


>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)12:06 No.1923529

  I can't escape

>> [_] Anonymous 03/24/13(Sun)12:13 No.1923534

  I escaped pretty easily. Don't know why you guys are having such trouble.
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