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[_] Don't click it! Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)13:09 No.2178658

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)13:21 No.2178667


>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:00 No.2178702

  What's the name of ICS's site again? I can never find the damn thing.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:09 No.2178709

  how do i win?

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:13 No.2178712

  I'm fairly certain there's no way to win

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:18 No.2178713

  By being the cute girl?

>> [_] darkest 11/13/13(Wed)14:22 No.2178715

  lol, it doesn't even matter what I do, but it's alright I guess

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:22 No.2178716

  The designer can eat shit.

  It's a vicarious domination fantasy masquerading as softcore porn.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)14:58 No.2178746

  No, it's just softcore porn. Softcore porn about a domination fantasy. And not necessarily a
  vicarious one, really. More likely, the author likes the idea of being magically turned into an
  woman, and getting treated like a trophy wife. Simplicity, laziness, escape from
  responsibilities, that kind of thing.
  Actually, I don't think this even qualifies as porn. I saw this flash a long time ago, and I
  don't remember any nakedness.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)15:06 No.2178754

  boner activated

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)15:12 No.2178763

  >Implying this isn't my dream and one true desire
  >mfw it will never happen


>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)15:14 No.2178767

  too edgy for me

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)15:16 No.2178770

  How so?
  Seriously, I can't see where you could have possibly found edginess in this.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/13/13(Wed)15:18 No.2178774

  too spooky i mean
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