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File: Sugar.Soated.Skirmish.swf-(9.84 MB, 480x270, Anime)
[_] sage !ccqXAQxUxI 12/15/13(Sun)20:35 No.2223045


>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)20:47 No.2223053

  someone seriously made a flash of this show?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)20:55 No.2223056

  and that show would be?

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:04 No.2223064

  whats the show here lmfao

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:08 No.2223071

  What kind of faggot posts a flash music video and DOESN"T INCLUDE SAUCE IN THE MARGINS?

  You must be fucking new to /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:08 No.2223072


  Terrible. The word you're looking for is, 'terrible'.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:11 No.2223076

  you must be new here

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:13 No.2223078


  Implying he wasn't baiting you

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:14 No.2223080

  Implying you aren't a faggot

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:19 No.2223086

  ffs sauce already

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:20 No.2223087


  It's an incredible ecchi show. 10/10. Too bad it wasn't really notable other than that. I
  personally liked the characters a lot, but Japan kinda glossed over it.

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:20 No.2223088


>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:22 No.2223092


>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:28 No.2223101

  music source is at the end:


  ffs you faggots

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)21:47 No.2223117

  How exactly does one soat a skirmish in sugar?

>> [_] Hellifiknow 12/15/13(Sun)22:24 No.2223147

  Holy fuck this music is great....
  I honestly couldnt give less of a damn about the vid though....

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)22:44 No.2223161

  I'm guessing you were waiting for someone to samefag this, so...

>> [_] Anonymous 12/15/13(Sun)23:15 No.2223186

  This guy's trolling, the show was utter shit. It was just the same shit as all the other harem
  animes out there, a bunch of girls trying to hit on a guy who's obviously gay.

  By the way, it ends in exactly the same place as it starts. NOTHING changes. So, even within its
  own universe, the show is pointless. Don't watch it.
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