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Ended:25/7 -2014 04:23:18

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File: VIP-Mellow Vidya.swf-(45 KB, 320x260, Other)
[_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:23 No.2462805

  This only works when posted on /f/.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:24 No.2462807

  link so that i won't try and download the swf?

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:30 No.2462819

  I don't remember the name of the site.
  I think I found it once by googling the filename without the file type.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:38 No.2462830


>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:48 No.2462840

  >flash only works when posted
  >guy asks for sauce
  >you send him to swfchan
  Bad anon.
  Now think about what you've done.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:53 No.2462846

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)19:57 No.2462854

  Have my babies, we need to propagate the not-lazy race.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:04 No.2462860

  link no work

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:19 No.2462887

  Turn Peerblock off.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:32 No.2462895

  Here's how you save and use it from your hard drive:

  1. Save.
  2. Open up the file (should have load screen).
  3. Right click -> Advanced tab -> Trusted Location Settings... -> Add... -> Add File...
  4. Select the file from wherever you saved it. Confirm.
  5. Close and reopen the file.
  6. Enjoy.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:35 No.2462898


  I like having all of these for when I'm just chilling doing remote work.

  Thanks for the info anon

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:39 No.2462906



>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)20:50 No.2462913

  >right click
  >VIP by Anonymous
  >Created with JW player 3.16
  >Global Settings
  >About Adobe Flash Player

  Please tell me your secrets.
  I'll zuck yo dick.

>> [_] Anonymous 07/24/14(Thu)21:20 No.2462951

  shit version. it has no 2u songs
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