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File: Infiltrator man.swf-(1.73 MB, 640x480, Game)
[_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:02 No.2532899

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:05 No.2532904

  Guns work like leaking faucets, right?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:11 No.2532923


>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:25 No.2532947


>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:28 No.2532951

  That win screen, man.
  Completely worth it.

  Only has 4 levels.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:35 No.2532959

  At least put some effort in it.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)18:36 No.2532962

  Don't feel like putting effort into it, It's not like I am suddenly gonna get something for that

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:27 No.2533038

  their aim is worse than shit

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:30 No.2533041

  in the end he had a gun the whole time

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:33 No.2533043

  self-pride, knowledge of a job well done.
  or in this case, solace in having made a shitcan game a little less shitty.
  although from your previous stuff it might not help

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:37 No.2533049

  It's kinda like taking pride in throwing rocks in the water, just something I do to amuse myself.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:47 No.2533054

  what did you used?

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:50 No.2533057

  never have I felt so good about beating something so shitty.
  Ironically, level 3 was harder than 4.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)19:57 No.2533063

  Are you the dude that keeps making all these same shitty games? If so keep up the good work

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)20:14 No.2533075


>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)20:26 No.2533080

  >it's 2040
  >the nra has successfully infiltrated all levels of government
  >everyone and their grandma has a gun and is shooting wildly in the air out of patriotism
  >you are the only gun control advocate left
  jesus christ

>> [_] Anonymous 09/18/14(Thu)21:26 No.2533130

  Apparently the secret to level 4 is stopping in random places. The secret to the other levels is
  to never stop moving.
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