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This is resource EM87IM1, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:22/1 -2015 01:59:23

Ended:22/1 -2015 03:57:16

Checked:22/1 -2015 04:18:14

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File: how_fucked_are_we?.swf-(8.27 MB, 304x760, Other)
[_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)19:54 No.2665144

  RIP moot good luck on your next project

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)19:57 No.2665149

  Music source?

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)20:03 No.2665156

  try opening the flash and maybe you'll find out

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)20:08 No.2665160

  Would be nice if the flash wasn't so tall and thin that you can't shrink the viewing area to see
  what's below

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)20:11 No.2665162

  i actually like this Halo tune!

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)20:12 No.2665166

  it's from Halo ODST not sure on specific title

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)20:35 No.2665189

  except you can shrink the viewing area

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:09 No.2665225

  rain from ODST

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:11 No.2665228

  How? Even when I have the browser as tall as I can get it, the flash is only about as wide as the
  minimum horizontal size chrome allows you to make its window.

  If the music info was hidden to the side instead of below, it would be a piece of cake.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:16 No.2665230

  sounds to me like you don't have a 1080p monitor. life must be rough.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:20 No.2665237

  Correct, I'm on a 1600x900 laptop.

>> [_] Source !ZT06YC7eyI 01/21/15(Wed)21:32 No.2665247

  Music source

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:33 No.2665248

  putting the p like it matters anymore

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:40 No.2665260

  Goodbye moot. I still care. Hes gone now boys.

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:55 No.2665277

  he may come back sir,we just need to trust him

>> [_] Anonymous 01/21/15(Wed)21:56 No.2665279

  There's still a way, anon. Still a place you can escape to, now m00t's sold out. A place you'll
  be welcome.
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