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Discovered:9/4 -2015 06:49:11

Ended:9/4 -2015 09:42:23

Checked:9/4 -2015 11:00:46

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File: Fry.Dance.40x.swf-(8.99 MB, 720x572, Loop)
[_] Anonymous 04/08/15(Wed)23:46 No.2743516

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)00:05 No.2743530

  is the audio buggy for anyone else?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)00:19 No.2743545

  I noticed that as well. I wasn't sure if it was my computer or not. Random skipping right?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)00:22 No.2743550

  They're usually like this but I think the bugginess is just a bit stronger in this one.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)00:33 No.2743558

  Still my favorite swf. Anyone have a list of the songs for convenience?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)00:33 No.2743560

  apparently the 40x stands for forty times more retarded

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)01:16 No.2743590

  I've never had any issues with this flash, or any of AMM's flashes. Are you attempting to run it
  on a potato? Maybe an outdated driver is causing the problem?

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)01:42 No.2743612

  I'm not sure what's causing it. It will freeze for half a second and make a buzzing sound, then
  continue for 1.5 - 2 seconds then freeze again, over and over. Makes it unwatchable. Never had
  this problem with any of the versions before this.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)01:45 No.2743615

  The audio doesn't play right with Firefox. Something to do with codecs, I don't know. Try it on
  another browser it will work fine.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)01:48 No.2743616

  The songs are all loaded from an external source. If you click the little "stats" on the bottom
  left it shows you a list of everything that's been buffered so far.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)01:50 No.2743618


  I think that just shows how long you listened to a song for.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)02:07 No.2743634

  its the flash, it is a troll

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)02:34 No.2743653

  Convenience? I'm thinking about murdering you right now.

  Also just learned of the stats button Apparently i have like 9hrs 18min of this flash looping

>> [_] Anonymous 04/09/15(Thu)02:39 No.2743659

  I legitimately have no problems running this flash. What are you using to play it?
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