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File: [ハルトマンの妖怪少女]philosophyRe;construction.swf-(4.5 MB, 512x384, Hentai)
[_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)20:27 No.2726695

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)21:09 No.2726755

  Fucking gooks don't even have a youtube version.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:07 No.2726805


>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:14 No.2726818

  Why do I have to log in to use slanty eye youtube? Anyway cool tunes bro.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:26 No.2726829

  In short, Youtube gets its money by selling out popular channels, advertising, and fucking with
  the interface and video categorization so that media producers use the site and contribute money
  to it.

  Niconico works by asking you to sign in, forming a community around videos like pixiv or
  deviantart does with pictures, and asks you for $5 a month if you want to upload videos in high
  quality. In comparison, the only thing they change about the site is the maximum quality of

  Here is the mp3 extracted from the swf on niconico: .

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:29 No.2726834

  What circle/album?
  I'm running shit from the nico page through translate and am not getting anything.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:29 No.2726835

  Why would they?

  If you released a song, would you take the time and effort to upload it on Niconico?

  They don't care about Westerners, just like we don't care about them.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:31 No.2726836

  >entire site devoted to chinese cartoons
  >"we don't care about them"

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:31 No.2726838

  Makes sense I guess, anyway thanks for that MP3 rip. It's much better quality than the video on

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:38 No.2726848

  It's literally the same thing, but maybe your media player sounds better than on niconico

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:41 No.2726856

  Outside of Otaku interests, we don't give a fuck about Japanese politics, news, and culture. Many
  otaku in Japan are interested in Western Comics, fantasy media, and occasionally cartoons, but
  they likewise only give a damn about Western contemporary news and culture when it impacts them,
  or when they adopt it in a Japanese context.

  I mean, I personally reupload videos from Youtube to Niconico, so I may be an exception.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:43 No.2726860

  The Niconico player is pretty good at maintaining original quality of uploaded videos.

  Compare this video I re-encoded from the source and re-uploaded to the Youtube original:

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:46 No.2726862

  Well to be completely fair, Japanese people would at least know the US President if he came up to
  them on the streets whereas almost no one would recognize their prime minister in the same

  I'd say they are a bit more interested in us than we are of them even in general, except for
  hardcore weeaboos of course.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:53 No.2726866

  Just some thoughts:
  World's total area: 510,072,000 km²
  japan's total area: 377,915 km²

  Japan occupies roughly 1% of the world. Comparing one country to another country is one thing,
  comparing an entire hemisphere to a tiny country is an extremely different thing.

  >but they likewise only give a damn about Western contemporary news and culture when it impacts
  them, or when they adopt it in a Japanese context.

  This is true when comparing any two distant cultures.

  But given Japanese culture is so alive in the west through immigration and you weebs, I'd say
  your assertion is false.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:53 No.2726867

  Yeah it's nearly identical, I'm not hating on niconico's player.

  I always find myself liking music like this when they are posted here, but find it too difficult
  to sift through all the jap stuff to find the good stuff. Did enjoy the discography of Shibayan
  Records though.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/23/15(Mon)22:59 No.2726875

  If you set the site's language from English to Japanese, you can see the Japanese tags, which are
  usually well-maintained and decodable enough with Google Translate.

  Also, you can use more than one tag simultaneously if you search specifically using tags, making
  video searching similar to that of Gelbooru/Danbooru.

  Once you get used to it, it is much better than Youtube's popularity-dominated search engine.
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