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[_] Well Gentlemen? Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)09:02 No.2707948

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)09:09 No.2707954

  A lot. I only snapped once and oh boy was that other guy lucky that we were in a public place. I
  would've killed that motherfucker otherwise, no doubt in my mind about it.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)09:50 No.2707969

  I once almost killed a woman pretending to be my mother's friend. My mom invited her after
  meeting her at work, thinking she was a normal person. They got a little drunk and then she
  started legitimately, disrespecting and hurting my mom. Bitch didn't know I was home. Tried to
  find a common ground with her, but she was acting weird and presumably not because she was drunk,
  but because she was mentally unstable. She was escaping so fast after I destroyed her filthy
  fucking face with my fist that she fucking fell from the stairs. That cunt didn't even try to sue
  us. She knew people would find out she's fucked in the head and should be b&d from the society.
  That psycho was later fired from the job for assaulting someone else. My heart was never racing
  this hard in my whole life and my mind wasn't ever this focused on defending something for any
  cost possible. Fucking eastern Europe.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)10:14 No.2707980


>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)10:23 No.2707984

  Renaming this file after 2 days? wow you sure are a faggot

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)10:37 No.2707992

  I haven't heard yonderboi in years...

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)12:22 No.2708046

  This flash is actually quite a bit older, I had it saved what feels like some time over a year
  ago and then I never saw it again for that entire time.
  Still, renaming flashes is pretty homo.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)12:37 No.2708052

  I actually posted it a few days ago for the first time on 4chan (Check swfchan, "Curse of Time")

>> [_] Anonymous 03/05/15(Thu)12:41 No.2708056

  >>2708046 is right you know (snap was the old name I think)
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