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[_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)18:22 No.2721436

  it still works against newfags and normfags

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)18:40 No.2721446

  I'm now one with the internet

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)19:01 No.2721465

  What's it supposed to do? Desensitize people?

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)19:03 No.2721467

  You are spiders now

>> [_] Lion with the silver tongue 03/18/15(Wed)19:25 No.2721487

  Aux Raus - This is how this works.
  You're welcome.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)20:35 No.2721552

  i think it's more to test them. like, give them a quick tour of the what happens when you leave
  school-tier google searches so they can decide if the internet is or not for them.

  it should actually be official, as in, anyone who even gasps (excluding laughter) at this
  shouldn't be allowed into the net.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)20:43 No.2721560

  well, shouldn't be allowed onto 4chan. If this was put up on facebook people would post about
  being traumatized by it for days.

>> [_] Anonymous 03/18/15(Wed)21:35 No.2721608

  for christs sake someone paste the yt link with that ginger faggot being autistic w/ this song
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