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7,03 MiB, 00:06 | [W] [I]

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ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 18/10 -2020 22:45:17 Ended: 18/10 -2020 22:45:17Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3442924 H

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 8/6 -2020 00:22:27 Ended: 9/6 -2020 05:27:49Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 3430609 you stupid nigger don't ever post the unhacked version again
>> [_] Anon 3430617 is there no more girls to fuck after 29 or am i missing one?
>> [_] Anon 3430643 >># you can get 4 seedlings out of both groups of 4 girls, you just have to re-fuck them from a certain spot. it takes a bit of trying but it's absolutely possible to get more
>> [_] Anon 3430696 >># how do i play this game? i keep pressing e on things but nothing

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/4 -2020 07:44:44 Ended: 26/4 -2020 07:44:44Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Porn)
[_] Anon 3426318

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/1 -2020 18:41:03 Ended: 29/1 -2020 02:13:55Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Game)
[_] Anon 3416450 Anime boy Inseminator

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/5 -2018 00:49:01 Ended: 22/5 -2018 14:00:34Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Moar [H] please Anon 3337131
>> [_] Anon 3337177 Who faps to this garbage?
>> [_] Anon 3337201 >># Seriously, the third screen with words made me close it and find something else to do.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 3/4 -2016 01:58:17 Ended: 25/4 -2016 05:11:32Flashes: 1 Posts: 8
/ > /fap/ > Thread 8902 Age: 15.14d Health: 0% Posters: 8 Posts: 8 Replies: 7 Files: 1+3
>> Anon 31190 [IMG] SIMSEH Hornbrook hacked.swf (7.03 MiB) 720x438, Compressed. 166 frames, 30 fps (00:06). Ver10, AS1/AS2. Network access: Text: Yes. Bitmaps: Yes. Audio: Yes. Video: <METADATA> [find in archive]
>> Anon 31248 I'm looking forward to the second one but I'm not sure if it's dead, not many updates on his blog
>> Anon 31319 Did anyone else miss out on animation because you didn't know that where you stood changed what kind of sex act you would preform on a repeat fuck?
>> Anon 31331 >># yes. the controls on this game are fucked beyond belief.
>> Anon 31377 >># >># Yeah, I played this when it first came out. The controls are completely and utterly fucktarded.
>> Anon 31458 Does anyone have a animation rip of this series? it would be good to have.
>> Anon 31632 >># Well, i can't say i miss any, just sex>titjob>blowjob on most woman who are sitting down. The real pain in the ass is the foursome ones.
>> Anon 31783 Actually, after you've fucked a chick in the first three positions you can also fuck them in the ass; every encounter (except protectors) has 4 'scenes' total. So you did miss animations 'F'.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 1/10 -2015 21:13:54 Ended: 1/10 -2015 21:13:54Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Game)
[_] Anon 2917089

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 27/7 -2015 16:43:56 Ended: 27/7 -2015 17:50:51Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Porn)
[_] Anon 2858159
>> [_] Anon 2858182 >># what a broken piece of shit.
>> [_] Anon 2858191 Long ago there was talk of a sequel. Did anything ever come of that?

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 26/6 -2015 12:11:38 Ended: 26/6 -2015 19:35:17Flashes: 1 Posts: 6
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] >># Anon 2824864 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2824870 how to i pick shit up?
>> [_] Anon 2824881 NVM its hack so i dont really need to pick anything up since i can fuck ll the girls from the get go
>> [_] Anon 2824888 He has a green dick XD
>> [_] Anon 2825014 >># NICE
>> [_] Anon 2825017 Not all the girls are even fuckable right away

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/5 -2015 10:30:37 Ended: 22/5 -2015 10:30:37Flashes: 1 Posts: 1
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Porn)
[_] Anon 2788051 Lot's of [P] tonight. Have some more

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 4/9 -2014 09:40:30 Ended: 4/9 -2014 09:56:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 2
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Porn)
[_] Anon 2514576
>> [_] Anon 2514585 >I have to play it again this fucking music make it stop

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 22/7 -2014 17:44:39 Ended: 22/7 -2014 22:16:56Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] /r/ing trials in tainted space or CoC Anon 2460108 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2460186 There
>> [_] Anon 2460280 >># How do you end a sex scene? Once I grab a girl I'm locked on to her forever and nothing makes either party orgasm or release.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 11/7 -2014 02:58:46 Ended: 11/7 -2014 05:47:29Flashes: 1 Posts: 3
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2447604 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2447634 I gotta say the music really makes this flash for me
>> [_] Anon 2447786 Neat.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 30/5 -2014 10:28:30 Ended: 30/5 -2014 13:52:25Flashes: 1 Posts: 4
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2400064
>> [_] Anon 2400099 Something's going on with this version. Keeps doing the action as if "E" were pressed, when it isn't.
>> [_] Anon 2400101 I remember this game. 10/10 thanks for the name, i'll search the original one.
>> [_] Anon 2400149 that is HORRIBLE font at the beginning

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 5/2 -2014 06:27:16 Ended: 5/2 -2014 10:14:15Flashes: 1 Posts: 9
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2279651 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2279721 >># none of the buttons seem to make any sense
>> [_] Anon 2279727 >># wasd move, e activate, hold space to masturbate and build up.. magic.. mind control dust or something. Once built up, can activate, e, on any female and then the button names make slightly more sense.
>> [_] Winged Kitsune 2279757 This game isn't really all that hacked. Most of the women still reject you. Calling it a failure.
>> [_] Anon 2279763 >># Space to masturbate. Bar in lower left hand corner, green, once full will read "SPORE READY". As far as I can tell, 0 rejection if so. Otherwise I have no idea, am not op, have not played this hack nor the original before.
>> [_] Anon 2279786 >># Played the original. This is indeed hacked.
>> [_] Anon 2279814 >># Not magic. Spores. If you actually read shit it tells you easy enough. Yea, this is hacked for no health loss, spore effects anyone (usually have to progress through the game to sex people) and super-fast spore readying. Essentially, it's gallery mode.
>> [_] Anon 2279829 >># Of all the changes made, someone has yet to shut off that horrid beat in the background.
>> [_] Anon 2279833 >># this

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 24/12 -2013 03:58:25 Ended: 24/12 -2013 07:15:11Flashes: 1 Posts: 31
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2233792 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2233822 Ugh this is the worst font I've ever had to read
>> [_] Anon 2233826 >># >Caring about that
>> [_] Anon 2233828 >tldr
>> [_] Anon 2233868 If this hack didn't fix the incomprehensible sex controls, it still needs work.
>> [_] Anon 2233873 >># Don't be so retarded anon
>> [_] Anon 2233881 >># Explain how switching from one girl to another counts as "Normal" or "Turbo". Also explain the exact sequence of keys needed to actually start fucking anyone and why those keys make logical sense. While you're at it, justify a certain key doing something in a certain circumstance only randomly and other times failing to do anything at all. Should be easy if you're not retarded, right?
>> [_] Anon 2233882 >># >Confusing yourself by reading the labels on the controls Foreplay transitioning into sex = D W S E Sex positions = D W E All girls have 1 or more alternate sex positions depending where you initiate the grab.
>> [_] Anon 2233887 >># >and why those keys make logical sense Besides that: Tried it. In first position. Nothing but S does anything. That changes positions. Then A, for some reason, changes back to the previous one. Then S stops working. Then it works again after hammering some other keys, changing position again. E then works for initiating sex. Then W speeds it up - sometimes. But if you hit S it stops completely. And only starts again if you hit A. Not only are your instructions wrong, but none of this makes the tiniest goddamn bit of sense.
>> [_] Anon 2233888 >># When it comes to porn games it seems like a lot of people can't think outside of the box. Yeah the instructions are kinda vague and unclear, but come on. Hit some buttons and see what happens. Have the thought "I wonder what would happen if I do this" more often. It's not that difficult.
>> [_] Anon 2233891 >># His instructions are spot on if you ask me.
>> [_] Anon 2233893 >># Overwhelmingly bad controls are just "thinking outside the box" now? Did you MAKE this game, or are you just defending the fact you have to wonder about the explicit on-screen controls because years of screaming spousal abuse at home has rendered you hypersensitively averse to the tiniest criticism of anything? The concept of "press to switch through sex positions" is unbelievably easy to program. Countless porn games manage that with absolutely no trouble at all. If you've been here any time at all you know what a working interface acts like. Come on.
>> [_] Anon 2233894 >># First step in "foreplay transitioning into sex": D. See post you're replying to for results to that. I guess I need to "think outside the box" and unearth the secret TRUE instructions or something in order to be a true l33t porn gamer.
>> [_] Anon 2233895 >># Dude, it's a shitty flash porn game, get over yourself.
>> [_] Anon 2233897 >># Jesus
>> [_] Anon 2233901 >># Says the guy who flips his shit when someone dares to insinuate that shitty flash porn game may have a flaw. We're both bitching, just about different things.
>> [_] Anon 2233902 >># K
>> [_] Anon 2233903 >># Either you're hitting the wrong keys or something is wrong with your keyboard.
>> [_] Anon 2233906 >># Keyboard has no problem registering these keys in anything else (including other flash games), and I'm pretty supremely confident the key with a D on it is the D key. The instructions work fine for the right circumstances, I'm sure. It's the whole "consistently working" thing that's the problem.
>> [_] Anon 2233908 >># Follow-up. Just tried it again with the same character. D works for moving into next position, this time, W follows up. Then trying to resume those positions involves completely resetting the sequence by hitting S then A (and A doesn't reset it from either of the previous two positions) and scrolling back through them from the start of the sequence. Again, explain how this makes the tiniest bit of sense.
>> [_] Anon 2233910 >># I'm sorry if I came across as, n00b not a 133t gamer bullshit, and I wasn't just saying that the game is edgy and outside of the box, just saying not all games are perfect quality games especially when it comes to porn. If you can get past the flaws enjoy, if not, don't bust a vain over it.
>> [_] Anon 2233919 >># The outside of the box comment was just to say if you're gonna browse crappy flash porn games, try to experiment and have patience with them and don't expect them to have top notch programming.
>> [_] Anon 2233921 >># No big. Your point is dead-on. All I did was make an offhand comment that the controls suck, but that was apparently too much criticism for some people to endure the presence of. I don't see anything wrong with pointing out the flaws. Fuck, it's still fappable enough, no problem there. I'm not complaining about anything but that one facet. It just turned into more of a discussion than it was ever intended to.
>> [_] Anon 2233924 >># I'm not sure being able to move forward/backward in a sequence of animations without having to reset the entire sequence and without the button to advance changing every time you do so really qualifies as top notch. But I get what you mean.
>> [_] Anon 2233928 >># It's not, I was actually agreeing that it sucked.
>> [_] Anon 2233930 >># Fair 'nough. Let us part ways with my apologies for snapping at you.
>> [_] Anon 2233932 >># Same. You have a good night
>> [_] Anon 2233949 >># The reason I said don't be retarded is because of all the boards I've visited over the years, /f/ has the most retarded userbase I've ever seen, from not being able to figure out the most simplistic controls in a flash game to asking for a source of something that can be clearly seen either in the thread, filename, or the flash itself. It's pretty damn annoying to see it every time I come here.
>> [_] Anon 2233979 so im up to 30 women and still in the same area, what am i missing? anything?
>> [_] Anon 2233985 >># A life
>> [_] Anon 2233990 >># GET BACK IN THE KITCHEN!

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 16/12 -2013 06:36:07 Ended: 16/12 -2013 07:35:46Flashes: 1 Posts: 6
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Get some H in this nigga Anon 2223299
>> [_] Anon 2223319 how do you pick up?
>> [_] Anon 2223328 may i asked whats hacked on it? ive beaten the original before
>> [_] Anon 2223372 Unlimited stamina, if its the one from before.
>> [_] Anon 2223386 >># Yeah, you start in phase 3, able to seduce all women, your stamina and spore levels rise quickly and you already have all items to complete game. (Battery, study pass & keys.)
>> [_] Anon 2223390 That font gave me eye cancer.

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 4/9 -2013 06:43:29 Ended: 4/9 -2013 14:08:52Flashes: 1 Posts: 8
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2100748 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2100891 anythoughts
>> [_] Anon 2100892 sweet game, bru.
>> [_] Anon 2100894 >># It's ok at best. Controls are shit. So is the music.
>> [_] Anon 2100897 tl:dr
>> [_] Anon 2100907 <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> ... <presses space> <presses space> <presses space> yeah, tl;dr
>> [_] Anon 2100961 >># seed milfs whores >>finish mission >>new options in screen >>next mission press w >>counter of milf seeded start in 20 >>seeds the rest milf whores >>seeds counter stop in 33 even seeded 4 more milfs whores >>last milf whore is a niggamilf >>she talk abaout a useless wallet with no cash, only cards >>seeded that nigga milf whore in the public bathroom >>nothing happend that's all? or whats next...

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 14/8 -2013 21:29:21 Ended: 15/8 -2013 00:44:25Flashes: 1 Posts: 8
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Throwing some porn. Anon 2076754 Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anon 2076774 Been so long since I played this. What are the controls again?
>> [_] Anon 2076781 >># WASD and space.
>> [_] Anon 2076790 >># thats not really what I meant but ok
>> [_] Anon 2076891 I'm stuck at 19 seedings, how do I finish this damn thing?
>> [_] Anon 2076907 >># go to the room with only ONE flower pot. hold spacebar till you cum. nymph. ?????? Profit!!!
>> [_] Anon 2076915 >># Success! But my score didn't go up. wtf? Have you finished this damn game or does it not work.
>> [_] Anon 2076966 This shit is broken or something

ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 28/7 -2013 23:52:34 Ended: 29/7 -2013 02:18:02Flashes: 1 Posts: 10
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2055213 All power
>> [_] Anon 2055326 nice
>> [_] Anon 2055344 Finally! Thanks OP!
>> [_] Anon 2055347 this blows
>> [_] Anon 2055350 I needed this, thanks OP
>> [_] Anon 2055354 Thanks OP! Can you make his dick not green too?
>> [_] Anon 2055359 can you make him fuck the girl?
>> [_] Anon 2055364 >># Press E on the keyboard
>> [_] Anon 2055365 >># Remove the music too
>> [_] Anon 2055368 I HAVE THE POWER

[BJ81XE1]F !
ARCHIVEDDiscovered: 25/7 -2013 10:06:22 Ended: 25/7 -2013 11:20:01Flashes: 1 Posts: 10
File: finalizer-hacked.swf-(7.02 MB, 720x438, Hentai)
[_] Anon 2050576 All doors unlocked, automatic spore regeneration, never lose health.
>> [_] Anon 2050579 How do you hack these?
>> [_] Anon 2050590 >># But it only works with AS1/AS2
>> [_] Anon 2050610 My question is how you change person in the few orgies. I've done it before, not sure how though.
>> [_] Anon 2050660 I've only ever triggered one of the 4 in the study group. I have no idea what's up.
>> [_] Anon 2050662 >># Thankfully you have someone as bored as I am to explain it. It's all in the positioning relative to the group. Try initiating in the middle, or the other side, or facing the other way, etc.
>> [_] Anon 2050663 >># With the Study Group, I've only gotten the darker skinned blonde. Even when I go into other positions relative to the group.
>> [_] Anon 2050674 >># >nkfully you have someone as bored as I am to explain it. It's all in me too. i've 100%ed this shitty game without the hacked version haha >># keep moving slightly and trying out different positions, it's really finicky at first.
>> [_] Anon 2050718 walkthrough-for-simseh-chapter-1-finalize r.html
>> [_] Anon 2050738 Should have killed the fucking soundtrack.
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