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[_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)13:35 No.2761951

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)14:40 No.2761980

  this song frustrates me. the melody has such great potential, but it feels like it cuts off
  seconds before the climax...

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:17 No.2762021

  are there any other live flash boards? i used to go to 7chan's /fl/ that moves crazy slow. i
  can't stand swfchan with their popups

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:22 No.2762024

  adblock=good site

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:28 No.2762031

  block the swf popups!? wow good idea you fucking moron

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:31 No.2762036

  flash is a dead genre, and thank fuck for that

  in any case... try dagobah, maybe? it's not really a "board", though

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:43 No.2762054

  as far as i'm concerned if a site wants to be graced by my presence they can't have any invasive
  or annoying shit. it's not my duty to prevent them from doing that shit. adblock just makes it so
  i can't tell what sites to stop going to.

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:45 No.2762057

  you sound like a faggot stfu

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:50 No.2762064

  i have standards. and i understand that ads are how websites make money. if everyone were more
  like me tv wouldn't be %50 commercials and youtube would still be good. it's pussy bitches that
  take it and destroy competitive markets. using adblock is only a temporary workaround anyway.
  it's not rocket science to make an ad unblockable

>> [_] Anonymous 04/26/15(Sun)15:53 No.2762068

  i like the music as it is in this flash,
  btw if you fullscreen you can even read the titles of the swf s in f in the background
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