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File: vip-mellow_local.swf-(45 KB, 320x260, Other)
[_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)19:58:44 No.2825341

  It's Friday, chill out /f/.

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)21:02:34 No.2825427

  I like it.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)21:09:51 No.2825444

  >chill out mellow playlist
  bitch are you kidding me?
  I feel sentimental about most of the songs that are there and it's not making me any chilled out

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)21:29:14 No.2825455

  Zora's Domain is so goooooooooood

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)21:41:13 No.2825470

  >Fez - Forgotten

  damn, good vibes

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)22:59:39 No.2825561

  I've seen countless of these threads, but how do these work with 46kb? And will the songs work if
  I save it?

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)23:02:09 No.2825564

  It's just a player that connects to an off-site database. This version can be saved and loaded
  offline, it didn't used to be that way until some anon flipped the bit that made it work offline
  from 0 to 1.
  Individual songs here:

  Here are the links for everything. The files are stored as m4a files because the site owner likes
  m4a files. First link is the repository for all the files, second is the player which plays them.

  Mellow: What you see here.

  VIP: The original version

  Exiled: Songs which were either in the playlist and removed or were never in the playlist to
  begin with.

  Source: Original tracks only, no remixes. This includes 8bit.

  Also check out:

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)23:04:00 No.2825566

  Thanks for the detailed response man, appreciate your time despite my newfaggotry.

>> [_] Anonymous 06/26/15(Fri)23:08:56 No.2825573

  I've got that copypasted in a file and I stick a response in every time someone asks about it, it
  happens a lot.
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