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This is resource R5OS5SX, an Archived Thread.
Discovered:5/9 -2015 02:49:59

Ended:5/9 -2015 05:07:06

Checked:5/9 -2015 05:20:30

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File: Nerdy Nummies Extended.swf-(4.19 MB, 640x360, Other)
[_] Here's the proof the things she says make sense and that she isn't actually autistic. Anonymous
09/04/15(Fri)20:43:36 No.2895009

  Checkmate atheists. All hail the queen of /f/, Ro (yes that's her name you uninformed troglodytes)

Marked for deletion (old).
>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)20:48:14 No.2895017

  wow how autistic

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)20:49:46 No.2895019

  This is a lot less retarded than the other version, but her baby talk bullshit is still annoying
  as fuck.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)20:55:34 No.2895024

  nigger she sounds just as retarded as she did, it's just her sentences aren't chopped up anymore.

  sure i'd dip dodododododo my cock right up her ass (don't wanna risk having kids with her) but
  that really doesn't mean much given what i'd be willing to fuck.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)20:57:43 No.2895026

  >Queen of /f/
  Sure mate, whatever helps you sleep at night

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)20:58:37 No.2895027


  This retarded bitch needs to stop speaking through her nose.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:07:06 No.2895037

  omg what a nerd XD

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:26:13 No.2895048

  It is that Southern Accent. It just reeks of retardation and inbreeding.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:34:30 No.2895056

  boo bo bo bo bo

  boop boop boop boop


>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:42:32 No.2895071

  She is so fucking ugly.
  At least her voice don't sound all that horrible as it did in the shorter flash only because I
  can hear her saying line.
  But those moments that were in the original flash still sounds horrible in this one so.

  She's still ugly and sounds horrible half of the time.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:43:35 No.2895073

  you can tell someones not a pokemon fan when they actually pronounce pokemon right

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)21:46:01 No.2895077

  10/10 southern inbred
  would dip more than halfway

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)22:01:20 No.2895094

  this is the firs non pornographic thing i have masturbated to in months

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)22:03:13 No.2895095

  It has hints of Canadian and Midwestern too, hard to pinpoint tbh

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)22:04:00 No.2895096

  she doesn't actually have a southern accent.
  she fakes it to seem "cute". most of the time she speaks in an american accent until she's acting
  SO KAWAII and talking about POHKAYMON

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)22:51:10 No.2895142

  >poh-kay balls

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)22:53:17 No.2895145

  She would be a trillion times cuter if she just talked naturally. Its when her voice just gets
  high for no reason, or she slips into baby talk thats annoying.

>> [_] Anonymous 09/04/15(Fri)23:02:05 No.2895150

  I bet I could trick her in to getting 6oz of my pokeballs into her nerdy nummies if you know what
  I mean
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