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Discovered:8/11 -2015 20:33:40

Ended:9/11 -2015 01:07:15

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[_] Flayed Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)14:29:02 No.2946269

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)14:31:02 No.2946271

  >it's on the inside that counts

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)14:38:25 No.2946276

  Don't worry, It's just special effects.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)14:59:23 No.2946287

  its only smellz

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)15:22:12 No.2946298

  Finally some education on anatomy around here!

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)15:23:38 No.2946301

  I see this all the time, but seeing a loli get hurt still makes me feel bad.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)15:43:58 No.2946309

  >open flash
  >recognize it immediately
  >close flash
  Not today, /f/

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)15:46:29 No.2946311

  you took the oldest gif in history and embedded it into flash WITHOUT adding sound???

  jesus tapdancing christ

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)15:55:03 No.2946314

  makes me sad

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:00:44 No.2946317

  These originally had sound. Why not post the original flashes instead of twice converted ones?

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:01:41 No.2946319

  >Oekaki-style animation
  >Loli in a mechanical control fantasy

  I know exactly where this is going and I ain't having it.
  Why can't these ever end in a happy loli?

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:09:14 No.2946324

  Speaking of lolis and machines, does anyone remember that game where you can play as one of three
  girls who have to traverse really violent trap-scapes and fight bosses that are really brutal
  jerks? I remember the game having a very interesting skill ceiling for controlling the characters
  and that the name of it had "cracker" or "crackle" in it.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:14:55 No.2946326


>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:26:00 No.2946329

  did she died?

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:26:20 No.2946330

  Nice! Well found. Was wanting to give this another go since I remember enjoying how ridiculous
  the obstacles got near the lava area that I never really got past. Thanks.

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)16:32:49 No.2946335

  Beautiful Bolton Technology

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)19:02:10 No.2946431

  Flayer 1 wins

>> [_] Anonymous 11/08/15(Sun)19:03:11 No.2946433

  >i can watch this while eating turkey chili and not even flinch
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